Farewell, goodbye and welcome!

What a wonderful year it has been, a year of work and joy still makes it pleasant and keen.

An era has come to its end, or so it seems. Here I am, watching a screen, writing some poems about these things I have seen.

Three years of events, challenges and activities, three years full of laugh, tears and love.

Magical moments with different kind of JAMKO boards, moments that I prefer above all.

Homogeneous community, marvellous ingenuity and duties with responsibility.

The features JAMKO is made of.

Equal opportunity, good-natured lunacy and mind-blowing creativity.

The reasons why JAMKO is in continuous takeoff.

Admirable commitment within the board, talking with the voice of the students.

Having an influence on everything, actions full of improvements.

A brand new JAMKO board is now chosen, the representatives made the decision,

a group of smart and glowing students, a limited edition with a common vision.

A huge collision of fresh opinions and interventions with no indecisions,

a recent authority will be on fire, you can read about it on television.

It’s time to give some room, seniors shall step aside,

we will give you our wisdom and guide you with pride.

My final words are farewell, goodbye and welcome to the board,

remember to have fun, all aboard!


Tuomas Kallinki/The vice chairperson of the board

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