Passing requirements attracted feedback during Grumble weeks

This year, the Grumble Weeks was held from March 28th until April 18th. JAMKO gathered students’ experiences and thoughts about the education of Jamk. A total of 365 JAMK students responded to the survey. The most feedback we got from the health and social services, and their feedback procent was almost 13.

The most voted Grumble Weeks’s staff member of the year was Hannu Haapamaa. Students see him as a person who is approachable and warmhearted. Also, he has advanced student matters with his persona, expertise and contribution and worked as a positive example for develoding education and students’ well-being.

JAMKO’s board processed the feedback, and the Grumble Reports, which were determined by the field of education, have been completed in recent weeks. Reports have been sent to training managers and quality teams.

The development targets in the reports were, for example, the different passing requirements of the courses, while the number of credits was still the same, and uniformity was desired for the teaching facilities (Moodle). Feedback from the natural resources, social affairs and health sectors raised concerns about the adequacy of teaching staff and the reach of teachers.

JAMKO also received feedback during Grumble Weeks. For example, they hoped that JAMKO’s activities would be more widely visible on campuses other than Main Campus and that various events would be held throughout the year. The feedback about JAMKO has been received by JAMKO’s board, and solutions have been considered together.

Follow up events highlight the development of the issues that have arisen during the Grumble Weeks. Unlike in recent years, Follow up events will be held in the autumn of this year, which will also give Jamk more flexibility to react to the issues that have arisen during the Grumble Weeks. Follow up events are planned to be held from September 12th until September 23rd.

Public reports contain only the summaries of the feedbacks. The reports are in Finnish.

More information:

Social policy responsible Nilla Selänniemi, sopo (a)
Educational policy responsible Mirko Räty, kopo (a)


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