JAMKO guide for new students

Welcome to your new student life with JAMKO

Congratulations on your study place here at Jamk! You are reading Student Union JAMKO’s guide for new students of Jamk UAS! We have shortened it Jopas, a rough translation for JAMKO guide in Finnish.

On these pages you’ll find all the information you need to start your studies and new chapter in your life as smoothly as possible. You can get to know JAMKO, Jamk UAS and the services of your new hometown Jyväskylä. The pages contain links to more specific information and help you to the origins of student life.

We hope that we have managed to answer all the questions you might have, but if you need more information, don’t hesitate to ask. You will find the contact information to Jamk UAS and JAMKO via the links.

We are looking forward of meeting you all!

Best wishes, JAMKO’s folk

JAMKO’s board 2023

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Student Union also sends a newsletter to every JAMKO member every two weeks, so you will not miss a thing.

See you on campuses!

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Welcome to Jyväskylä

City and housing

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How to manage with a student budget?

Student welfare and tips for an affordable life

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Let’s take care of each other!

Student health care and support during studies

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Become a part of the community

Why join the student union?

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Make the most of student life!

Student discounts and membership benefits with JAMKO card

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Support in difficult situations

JAMKO trusteeship

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Peer support at the beginning of your studies

Tutoring for new students

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Close the laptop and take a break!

JAMKO’s services, freetime activities and events

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The Freshman pass

Go to JAMKO’s events, collect superfun stamps and win awesome prizes!

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Student Overalls

The official student attire

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The Freshmen Party

The mega event for all new students

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Study field associations

supporting students in your study field

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Equal and safe study environment

Accessibility and barrier-free learning


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Student’s dictionary

The student life is full of words and terms that might be confusing in the beginning of your studies.

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Accompanying student life

Always something extra from JAMKO’s partners

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