Student Overalls

the ultimate student uniform

Overalls are every students hallmark, respected uniform and symbol of community. Overalls will help students lives, because they are not allowed to be washed, and they are always right choice for student events. All study fields have their own colored overalls so you’ll be able to recognize your colleagues in any situation. With overalls you belong to the awesome community of students, which you don’t want to miss out. After students receive their overalls, they must be initiated into use with an Overall Oath. In the huge Overall Oath Party new students swear a student’s oath to revere overalls and those divine persons that are wearing a pair.

The overalls are like student’s resumé, from which you can see where the student has been and what he or she has done. Overalls are decorated with overall patches from different events and activities and souvenirs from happenings during student life. Some students even exchange sleeves or pockets with other students from different study fields. A part of pant-leg can be exchanged between dating partners. Overall patches are categorized to event patches, organisation patches and humour patches.

So order your overalls and enjoy your student life in the way it is meant to! Follow JAMKO’s event calendar to find out more of the Overall Oath and stay tuned!

Where can you get them?

Overalls are ordered every Autumn in orientation week from your student association. Student associations will arrange overall fitting in that week, where you can try out overalls and find the perfect fit for you and place the order. Tutors will also inform you about the fitting schedule and other info regarding the fitting and ordering.

If you are not able to order overalls in orientation week, we can’t promise that the order can be placed later, so pay attention to your study fields fitting times. You can also ask a friend to do the order for you, if you are not able to do it.

If you have any questions concerning overalls or ordering them please contact your study field association.

The fitting schedule will be published closer to orientation week.

Take care of your overalls!

When you finally get your overalls, remember these few tips:

  • Don’t wear the overalls or do not attach any patches before the overall oath.
  • The owner of the overalls should sow the patches him/herself.
  • The logos printed to the overalls should remain uncovered. If the overalls are otherwise full, you may bend the rule.
  • The event patches attached to the overalls are usually from events that the student has visited him/herself.
  • The overalls are not washed, unless the owner is in the overalls while the washing is done.
The colors of the overalls in different study fields
  • Social and health – purple
  • Technology and transport – wine red
  • Business administration, international business – green
  • Culture, music – black
  • Tourism and service business – blue
  • Information technology – red
  • Natural resouces – dark brown