The board of the student union consists of a chairperson, a vice chairperson and 4 to 11 members, chosen annually by the council of representatives. The board shares the responsibility for the student union’s operations alongside the paid employees.

The functions of the board

The members of the board are students at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, who act in these positions of trust on a voluntary basis.

The board
  • meets weekly, making decisions relating to, for example, general and project grants.
  • participates in different working groups of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences.
  • does advocacy work aimed at the school, the city and the state.
  • negotiates with partners and acts in cooperation with JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ study field student associations, the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY), other student unions of different universities of applied sciences, and other interest groups.
  • oversees what is happening in Finnish higher education, informs, reports, takes a stand on current issues.
  • organizes various student services and events.

The chairperson of the board works at the student union office daily, guiding the actions of other members of the board and supporting the work of the paid employees. The functions of the board are divided into separate sectors, which are looked after by responsibles, nominated from among the board members.

How can I be a member of the board?

The council of representatives chooses the chairperson, the vice chairperson and the members of the board in its annual organizational meeting. The best way to get chosen as a board member is to sign up as a candidate in the election of representatives of the fall semester, and to announce your willingness to be a part of the board in the organizational meeting of the newly elected council of representatives in late November to early December. The board organizes evenings for prospective future members of the board during the fall semester. It is recommended to be present at these events to announce your willingness to be a future member of the board and to get to know current and future members of the board.

Interested in a position in JAMKO Board? Ask anything: puheenjohtaja(a)

Board of 2023

The contact information and the responsibilities of the Board members.

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