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Mentors help with everyday studies

Do you ever get the feeling that peer support would be needed? Your first year of studies is already done and your own peer tutors, who helped you during your first year at JAMK, may be at practical training or already graduated. Where would you get peer guidance and experience-based help?

The answer is mentoring! Mentors are students who have been trained to work as peer supporters after the first study year. Mentors help their fellow students based on their own experiences and knowledge gained from the trainings. Mentors are former tutors and help other students to proceed with their studies and guide them with issues related to internship, thesis and graduation or everyday studies. Mentors also know JAMK’s guidance systems and are ready to help students to seek more help when mentors own knowledge isn’t enough.

“In my study field certain tasks seem to be hard, like how to find information about study grant, what to do and when and so on. I thought I have confidence to tell what you should do and when and to advise the students not to do what I have done but to do it how I advise them to.”

– Timo, mentor

The goals

Goals of the study module are that the student

  • knows how to interact and guide students is different kinds of situations
  • knows how to organize matters concerning peer support and guidance
  • understands JAMK’s guidance and support systems as well as the data systems used at JAMK
  • can analyze one’s peer students’ needs of help as the studies proceed and instruct them to follow-up guidance and help
  • understands the concept of comprehensive study competence as part of peer guidance.

More information

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