Mentors are here to support your studies

Mentoring is a natural next step for everyone who has been to JAMKO’s tutor training! Tutors have helped the first year students and mentors will help the students who have conquered their first year. Mentors are regularly already further in their studies and help based on their own experience and with the advanced guidance training.

If you have questions or challenges in your studies or well-being, you can contact a mentor, even over the study field boundaries! They can tell you tips for example in courses, student’s every-day life and well-being. Mentors can help even in the difficult themes and if needed guide you to Jamk’s guidance and well-being services.

In addition to helping other students, mentors will also help tutors with their work. Mentors will hold tutor’s guidance meetings where tutors can discuss the challenges of tutoring and go through thoughts and feelings for example about orientation week. Also mentors can help assist tutors about planning events and participate in events that help students’ unity. You can see mentors for example in Jamk’s HyPe-coffee!

You can contact mentors at any time, their information can be found in Elmo intra.

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