Student union

The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMKO) is a trusteeship and services organization, founded in 2005, whose purpose is to act as a means to a better education and a sense of comprehensive well-being for all students of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The student union acts as a link between its members and advocates to further the civil, social and intellectual pursuits of students, as well as the rights of its members in regard to the status of students both at the local and the national level.

The student union offers student benefits, events, free time activities, counseling and trusteeship to its members. By becoming members of the student union, the students receive an official student card, which entitles them to a variety of local and national benefits and discounts.

JAMKO’s status is based on Finnish law

Student union activity is based on the student union article 41§ of the university of applied science law. The mission of the student union is to choose student members to the multi-member organs mentioned under subsection 4 of the university of applied science law. In addition, the student union can also participate in the execution of tasks related to student health care, as stated in the student health care law.

JAMKO is a member of the The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK ry.

Did you know? 

  • JAMKO has over 3000 members.
  • The position of the student unions has been written in the Finnish law since 2005.
  • The highest authority in the student union is the council of representatives, who are students elected by their peers annually. The day to day work is done by the JAMKO board elected by the representatives. Supporting the work JAMKO has hired staff.
  • JAMKO has a mascot bunny called Jarkko and his friend is Jane, the ambassador of student well-being. Where ever the action is, Jarkko and Jane are also there!
  • JAMKO has a network consisting of former JAMKO actives. JAMKO Alumni support the student union through training and sharing the heritage of JAMKO to the new actives, for example through the Brief History of JAMKO – a book about the history of the student union which will be created by the alumni. All the student union and student association actives from the past are welcome to join JAMKO Alumni.


The highest authority in the Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences is used by the council of representatives, which consists of 21 primary and 21 vice student members. The council of representatives supervises the interests of JAMK students by making the most important decisions and definitions of policy regarding the student union.

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The board of the student union consists of a chairperson, a vice chairperson and 4 to 11 members, chosen annually by the council of representatives. The board shares the responsibility for the student union’s operations alongside the paid employees. The members of the board are students at JAMK, who act in these positions of trust on a voluntary basis.

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The hired staff supports the board with the operative work of JAMKO. You can find them at the JAMKO office in the Rajakatu Main Campus, room FP23 during office hours.

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Study field student associations

Study field student associations represent students from a certain field of study, look after the interests of the students of their field, arrange trusteeship and maintain of student culture.

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Material bank

Regulations and forms regarding actions of the Student Union and logos to use in marketing.

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Data protection

Principles and register descriptions of data protection in Student Union.

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