Did you know that as a member of JAMKO, you can get a storage locker on the Rajakatu campus? You can use the locker for example to store your bicycle helmet, coat and extra books, so you don’t have to carry everything with you all day long!

The lockers are free to use – you will pay a deposit, which will be returned to you when you return the key to JAMKO office.  

You can book a locker and pay the deposit through our webshop in Once you have made a booking and paid the deposit, you can pick up your locker key from our office during the opening hours. Please check the up-to-date opening hours.

The lockers are located on the bottom floor of F-wing, in FK-corridor, on the Rajakatu main campus.

Terms of use for storage lockers

  1.       The lockers are for JAMKO members only.
  2.       The locker can be used during term time. The locker key must be returned to the JAMKO office by 15th June.
  3.       The lockers are free to use, but when booking a locker, you will pay a deposit of 10,00 euros. The deposit will be returned to you, if you return the key to JAMKO on time (by 15th June). The deposit will be retuned through our webshop, using the same payment method you chose when paying the deposit. The deposit will be returned in approximately 1-3 banking days. (Please note, adds 0,40 euro service fee to all payments, which will not be returned.
  4.       If the key has not been returned and the locker has not been emptied by 15th June, JAMKO reserves the right to open and empty the locker. The items that may still be inside the locker will be taken to JAMKO office, where they will be stored until 31st August.
  5.       JAMKO is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any items stored in the lockers. 

More information: jasenpalvelu(a)