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JAMKO organizes plenty of events across a wide variety of fields. Members of the student union always receive a discount on event entrance fees! In parties and other events organized by the student union, you have many chances to get to know your classmates, and to meet people from other degree programmes, nationalities and cultures.

Freshman pass encourages new students to visit events and that way get to know new city and each other. Check out what is the deal with the Freshman pass!


All students are invited to The Kick-Off to begin the fall and enjoy the good weather and good company. Before the Christmas holidays, we celebrate at Pre-Christmas Party and enjoy the darkening evenings. Around Valentine’s Day there is Icebra for you to come to with old friends and find new ones. During the last frosts, you can attend active and snowy winter fun extravaganza Snowday, from where you can always continue to the late hours with JAMKObomb.

In Autumn at Freshmen Party Tursajaiset new students are initiated to their newly adopted student life and get to know the new city and school mates by doing fun tasks all over town. Tursajaiset has a specific changing theme every year, so preparation and dressing up as a superhero, zombie or your favourite movie character is a part of the fun! At the Overall Oath Party, new overall owners swear a humorous student oath and get the overalls baptized, which guarantees that the student life will not dry up and shrivel.

The big celebrations and after parties of the student union are arranged at Bra.

Laid back evenings and new friends!

JAMKO’s traditional and continuously popular Detention is arranged at Freetime, where it participants pursue great prizes in the legendary tournament of pub quiz. TryOut combines different kinds of themed evenings and new activities. Every evening offers something fun and different to do. You can come with friends or alone, you are sure to meet new people. Recess – events are always intoxicant free. Eat Out Evening is spent relaxing and enjoying mouth watering student discounts at restaurant Revolution or Venn.

These events are mainly free or at least very affordable for members.


JAMKO and TimeTravels organizes a trip every semester to an interesting location on a student budget. When travelling with JAMKO you get to visit the picturesque St. Petersburg, magical Lapland or the majecstic scenery of Lofoten Islands. Trips are organized and guided in English. Trips are arranged in the spring and autumn semesters, but the number of people that can be accommodated is limited. The trips are popular and fill out quickly, so pay attention to JAMKO’s communication channels. JAMKO members get an additional discount off of these already affordable trips.


In the sporty events of JAMKO sweat flies and the mind is rejuvenated!

Sport and well-being events organized throughout the academic year offer possibilities for fun and easy-going ways to exercise and be together. We offer new ways to move, exercise and advance well-being for different kind of students.

In addition to the wintery Snowday in spring semester, during the Autumn semester we enjoy the magnificent scenery of Konnevesi National Park on a easy going hike, get the most entertaining degree by attending different kinds of sport experiments around the city and pay attention to student well-being as a whole at Academic students Well-being week. 

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More detailed information about the student union’s great parties and other magnificent events can be found from

the JAMKO event calendar

Stay up to date by following JAMKO on Facebook and Instagram. Advance tickets to parties can be bought from our Kide.App. See the atmosphere from our past events at JAMKO’s gallery

The events are organized by the JAMKO’s event responsibles with teams of fun-loving actives. The recruitment of the teams are arranged during spring, so if you want to join, pay attention to JAMKO’s channels.

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