Staff for your support

The hired staff supports the board with the operative work of JAMKO. You can find them at the JAMKO office in the Rajakatu Main Campus, room FP23 during the office hours.

You are welcome to visit us at the office!

Executive director

Ismo Puhakka
+358 44 321 1600

The Executive Director is responsible for organizing and running the daily financial and administrative issues of JAMKO and JOPO (Jyväskyläs Students Services Ltd). The Executive Director acts as the supervisor for the other staff members. Executive Director works as the Managing Director of JOPO (Jyväskylä’s Students Services Ltd) and the non-voting secretary of the Board, Representatives and Central Election Committee. In addition the Executive director is in charge of the Student Active at Jamk – course.

Advisor, member services

Krista Rantanen
+358 50 3361 385

The Advisor of Member Services assists students in various matters related to the student union and it’s services. The Advisor advises on membership and student card matters, maintains the student union membership register and takes care of the thesis binding service. She also takes care of the student union’s gym and related information tasks. In addition she is the data protection correspondent in JAMKO.

Advisor, guidance and well-being

Eeva Vissel
+358 50 516 6916

The Advisor of Guidance and Well-being is responsible for JAMKO’s tutoring, recruitment and training of new tutors. She develops peer guidance activities and sports services in the whole JAMK UAS. The Guidance and Well – being Advisor is responsible for the study modules and their content of the elective student tutoring and international student tutoring.

Advisor, Communication and Trusteeship

Anna Tarvainen-Illi
+358 45 207 8110

Communication and Trusteeship Advisor plans, develops and implements marketing and communications of the Student Union. This includes developing strategic marketing, marketing materials, informing students and interest groups and supporting internal communications. She also mentors the work of graphic designer trainee. The Advisor supports trusteeship work and acts as the harassment contact person.

Project coordinator, yyamk - project

Stella Palassalo

Project coordinator is responsible for the execution and coordination of the YYamk project (Equality and unity in UAS) with JAMKO and Jamk’s personnel. YYamk project’s most important themes are equality and unity which the project coordinator advances with tutors and mentors for the whole UAS community. The coordinator reports the project’s advancement and results to both inside and outside the project. YYamk project continues the work of OHKE project and the coordinator brings the theory base of OHKE into action. The coordinator also develops new principles to be part of the daily basis in JAMKO and Jamk.