Representatives election 2017

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Decide how JAMKO should work in the year 2018!  As a JAMKO member you are able to make a difference in every students issues by voting between Oct 30th and Nov 11th. Decide who decides about e.g. the membership fee or other actions of the student union. More info about the work of JAMKO’s Representatives’ council and its work here

Central election committee is in charge of organizing the Representatives election. The Chairperson of Central election committee is mr. Roni Sorsa, tel. 050 9131924.

Further information
Central Election Committee

The results of the elections

The highest authority of Student Union JAMKO has been chosen in Representatives’ election. Voting turnout of this years election was 19 percent. 3944 students were entitled to vote, from which 746 students used their vote. The voting turnout last year was 23 percent, but the amount of eligible voters was approximately a hundred less.

21 actual members were chosen for the term of 2018. Insinööriopiskelijat (engineering students) grabbed 8 seats, which is the largest amount of seats in the representatives. The second highest number of seats received Konkurssi (business students) and Social and Health Care Students JASTO with 4 seats each. MatkaRaTa representing tourism and service management students and the coalition of Legendat got both two places. Keskustaopiskelijat (Centre Party students) coalition got one seat in JAMKO’s representatives. Coalition of Oikeat opiskelijat (National coalition students) did not receive seats. The vote-puller, candidate who collected the most of the votes was Konkurssi’s Mirva Jokilehto (44 votes).

The newly elected representatives’ council organizes on 22nd of November. The combination of the Representatives might change if some of the Representatives are selected to JAMKO’s Board. New representatives begin their term 1st of January 2018.

The results of the elections

First 21 persons have been chosen to the Representatives council (green base) and the rest are vice members of the representatives (white base). Candidates on the on the red base were not chosen.


Why you should vote?

By voting you choose yourself a person who
voices your opinion on

  • how much the student union’s membership fee is
  • The student union’s action plan and budget that dictates the actions of JAMKO
  • the student union’s opinion on relevant affairs
  • education in JAMK, student affairs in JAMKO, JAMK and Jyväskylä altogether.
  • in different working groups in JAMK
  • Also makes initiatives for JAMKO and supports the affairs that are important to you.


Central election committee confirmed 51 candidates to the election of 2017. The candidates are listed according to the alliances and voting numbers.


2 Kuusisalo Frans | Tourism and Service business
3 Pitkänen Anu | Tourism and Service Business
4 Rehvanen Sonja | Tourism and Service business
5 Rinteelä Minna | Tourism and Service business
6 Säynätmäki Essi | Tourism and Service business
7 Turunen Samu | Tourism and Service business

Jyväskylän keskustaopiskelijat JOK

8 Hämäläinen Emmi | Business administration
9 Palvaila Venla | Tourism and Service Business
10 Rajala Eemeli | International Business
11 Sorsa Roni | Construction and Civil Engineering

insinööriopiskelijat IO

12 Achrén Tekla | Mechanical Engineering
13 Arola Jani | Information and Communication Technology
14 Björkman Tero | Information and Communication Technology
15 Hartikainen Tuomo | Construction and Civil Engineering
16 Helminen Miro | Construction and Civil Engineering
17 Hurskainen Katri | Energy technology
18 Hytönen Ossi | Information and Communication Technology
19 Joutulainen Teemu | Information and Communication Technology
20 Jussinmäki Sami | Information and Communication Technology
21 Keränen Jesse | Logistics Engineering, English
22 Kämäräinen Minttu | Energy and Environmental technology
23 Laajala Miika | Logistics Engineering
24 Lajunen Anni | Information and Communication Technology
25 Niemelä Juho | Information and Communication Technology
26 Nordfors Jaakko | Mechanical engineering
28 Sinkkonen Riku | Information and Communication Technology
29 Tapper Aki | Mechanical Engineering
30 Tervo Jani | Agriculture and rural industries
32 Vinter Alex | Information and Communication Technology

Jyväskylän tradenomiopiskelijat – Konkurssi

33 Jokilehto Mirva | Business administration
34 Kovanen Joni-Markus | Business administration
35 Moisio Jenna | Business administration
36 Oja-Lipasti Teemu | Business Information Systems
37 Rauhansalo Mikael | Business Information Systems
38 Ruuskanen Miia | Business administration


39 Honkonen Niki | Information technology
40 Kallinki Tuomas | Tourism
41 Niemelä Arttu | Media technology
43 Väisänen Jarna | Business administration
44 Välinen Jarno | Information technology

Oikeat opiskelijat

45 Lehonoksa Antti | Business administration
46 Poutanen Mikko
47 Soikkeli Juuso
48 Tenhunen Mikko | Nursing

JAMKin sosiaali- ja terveysalan opiskelijat JASTO

49 Fisk Henna | Occupational therapy
50 Honkonen Iina | Social services
51 Huttunen Aleksi | Nursing, English
52 Kivisaari Roope | Nursing, English
53 Puttonen Tilda | Physiotherapy
54 Salakka Ninna | Social services
55 Varakas Timo | Nursing, English


  • You can vote if you have been a member of JAMKO at least since Oct 23th 2017
  • Choose a candidate who agrees with you on crucial matters.
  • Check out all the candidates at,, election posters or panel on Nov 1st at 11 a.m. at Main Campus.
  • Vote via the voting link which you will receive to your JAMK e-mail.
  • Voting happens during 30st of Oct and 9th of Nov. Voting ends at 3 p.m. Results of the elections are revealed 9th of Nov starting at 8pm.
  • Follow the results on Facebook, Twitter or JAMKO’s website.

Get to know the candidates

Voting starts on October 30th via an electronic link sent to JAMKO’s members’ school emails. Note, that you have to be a JAMKO member by 23rd of October in order to vote (Election regulation 2§).  The voting period ends Nov 9th at 3pm. The results will be announced at the election night event on the same night and the results will be posted on JAMKO’s website.

JAMKO organizes election stands where you can vote, get information on the election and voting, and get to know the candidates in election posters and voting aid app.


JAMKO organizes a panel where the candidates will answer questions of current affairs, JAMKO, student life and themselves. The panels are held on Nov 1st at 11 a.m. at Main Campus Caféteria. The panel is held in two phases and in between the candidates change. The panels can be followed via JAMKO’s Facebook page live. 

Voting aid app

allows the voter to compare candidates and their opinions of JAMKO and issues concerning student life and student union to their own and this way to choose the most suitable person to represent them on the Representatives’ council. Application compares your answers to the answers of those candidates who have filled JAMKO’s voting aid application.

Voting aid apP

Electoral alliances and electoral rings

Electoral alliance is a group formed by one or more eligible candidates and the votes cast on the electoral alliance will be counted in favour of the candidates. Often the members of the alliance study in the same degree programme or share similar views related to student politics.

The founder of the alliance acts as its spokesperson. In order to form an alliance, the founder and the spokesperson fills the declaring document on behalf of all the members of the alliance and is in charge of returning all of the candidate filing documents and the declaring document to JAMKO’s office by the end of candidate filing period Sept 22nd 3pm

Electoral ring is two or more electoral alliances or one or more alliances and a one or more candidates who are outside of all electoral alliances. In order to form an electoral ring, a declaring document must be done and submitted to JAMKO before the end of candidacy filing period. To form a electoral ring, all of the spokespersons of individual alliances and the candidates must sign the document.  The documents must be returned to JAMKO’s office before the end of candidate filing period Sept 22nd.

More info on your own study field’s electoral alliance from your own study field student association and the spokespersons of individual alliances.


Central election committee confirmed 7 electoral alliances to the elections of 2017.


Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulun sosiaali- ja terveysalan opiskelijat (JASTO)
Aleksi Huttunen
puh 0400410832

Insinööriopiskelijat IO
Pauli Hokkanen

Jyväskylän tradenomiopiskelijat ry Konkurssi
Rasmus Hautala

Minna Rinteelä
451 356 608

Jyväskylän Keskustaopiskelijat (JOK)
Eemeli Rajala

Arttu Niemelä
040 8457720

Oikeat opiskelijat
Eelis Loikkanen
040 242 0091