Representatives election 2017

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Decide how JAMKO should work in the year 2018!  As a JAMKO member you are able to make a difference in every students issues by standing as a candidate Aug 31st – Oct 22nd or voting between Oct 30th and Nov 11th. Decide who decides about e.g. the membership fee or other actions of the student union. More info about the work of JAMKO’s Representatives’ council and its work here

Central election committee is in charge of organizing the Representatives election. The Chairperson of Central election committee is mr. Roni Sorsa, tel. 050 9131924.

Further information
Central Election Committee

Stand as a candidate

Candidate Filing Period Aug 31st – Sept 22nd

The elections of JAMKO’s Representatives council start with the candidate filing period at JAMKO’s opening of the academic year on Aug 31st. All students who have obtained membership of JAMKO for the academic year 2017 – 2018 by the time the candidacy is verified, are eligible candidates. The candidacy is verified after the candidacy filing period ends. The candidate must remember that Representatives’ working language is Finnish, so average Finnish skills are required. A student can stand as a candidate by filling and returning the candidacy announcement form to JAMKO’s office by the end of the candidate filing period.

All the requisite candidate filing documents will be available on JAMKO’s website in Finnish.

The documents are in Finnish because in order to work in the Representatives council, the member must also understand it relatively well. The documents are also available in print at JAMKO’s office where the documents are also returned.

The candidates may stand as a candidate as non-aligned or choose to form an electoral alliance and / or electoral ring. If you choose to join an electoral alliance, return your candidate filing documents to the spokesperson.

Electoral alliances, electoral rings and spokes persons

Electoral alliance is a group formed by one or more eligible candidates and the votes cast on the electoral alliance will be counted in favour of the candidates. Often the members of the alliance study in the same degree programme or share similar views related to student politics.

The founder of the alliance acts as its spokesperson. In order to form an alliance, the founder and the spokesperson fills the declaring document on behalf of all the members of the alliance and is in charge of returning all of the candidate filing documents and the declaring document to JAMKO’s office by the end of candidate filing period Sept 22nd 3pm

Electoral ring is two or more electoral alliances or one or more alliances and a one or more candidates who are outside of all electoral alliances. In order to form an electoral ring, a declaring document must be done and submitted to JAMKO before the end of candidacy filing period. To form a electoral ring, all of the spokespersons of individual alliances and the candidates must sign the document.  The documents must be returned to JAMKO’s office before the end of candidate filing period Sept 22nd.

More info on your own study field’s electoral alliance from your own study field student association and the spokespersons of individual alliances.

More about the forming of the alliances or rings is available in English in the electoral announcement.

Candidates and voting

Voting starts on October 30th via an electronic link sent to JAMKO’s members’ school emails. Note, that you have to be a JAMKO member by 23rd of October in order to vote (Election regulation 2§).  The voting period ends Nov 9th at 3pm. The results will be announced at the election night event on the same night and the results will be posted on JAMKO’s website.

JAMKO organizes election stands where you can vote, get information on the election and voting, and get to know the candidates in election posters and voting aid app.

Voting aid app allows the voter to compare candidates and their opinions of JAMKO and issues concerning student life and student union to their own and this way to choose the most suitable person to represent them on the Representatives’ council. Application compares your answers to the answers of those candidates who have filled JAMKO’s voting aid application.

Voting aid apP