Representatives election


Representatives elections of 2022 are over

Next elections are held during Autumn 2023. Come and join the Central election committee, that organizes the election.

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Representatives Elections 2022

JAMKO’s highest decision-making authority, the Representatives Council, is elected annually by voting at the beginning of November. As a member of JAMKO, you can vote and decide who will handle your affairs as a student representative at Jamk UAS. The Representative Council decides e.g. about membership fee, the budget, approves the action plan and JAMKO’s big guidelines, on which we, as a student union, take a stand and how we operate.

This year, the theme of the elections is “Your, mine, our JAMKO”, with which we encourage students to make the work of the student union look like students.

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Central election committee

The elections are organized by the central election committee, which is named by the sitting representatives council. The committee is elected annually. In the Central election committee for 2022 are Juho Niemelä (Chairperson), Maria Hurme (Vice Chairperson), members Janina Hyttinen, Nilla Selänniemi, Lauri Kujala.

The elections are governed by the election regulations.  (FIN)

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Results of the election

The persons marked with green colour are elected as the actual members of JAMKO representatives. Others are elected as vice members. Wiew the results as a separate file: Election results 2022

Schedule for the representatives elections 2022

  • Weeks 41 – 42 Candidates fill out the voting aid app and submit their photos for election materials to
  • Week 43 Voting aid app opens
  • 25.10. Eligibility to vote is checked. A student who has become a JAMKO member 7 days before the elections starts, is able to vote. 
  • 31.10.2022 1 p.m – 2 p.m Election panel at Dynamo
  • 1.11.2022 klo 1 p.m – 2 p.m Election panel at Rajakatu
  • 1. – 9.11. Voting time. Voting ends at 3:00 p.m. 9.11. Election night event @London, time to be announced.
  • 9.11. After Party of the Election Night at JAMKO’s opening of the Christmas season @London 

Candidates for the election

Jammaus ry

2 Porras Juuso, Musiikkipedagogi


3 Korhonen Miia, Palveluliiketoiminta
4 Lemmetyinen, Sanna Palveluliiketoiminta
5 Niemelä Juho, Palveluliiketoiminta
6 Nieminen Asta, Tourism Management

Pienten äänitorvi TARMO

7 Judén Sirpa Maaseutuelinkeinot
8 Roini Jenna Maaseutuelinkeinot

Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset

9 Heinonen Mauri, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka
10 Leskelä Ilmari, Degree Programme in International Business
11 Luiro Peetu, Degree Programme in International Business
12 Pasanen Jouni, Liiketalous
13 Ruokolainen Marko, Teknologiaosaamisen johtaminen
14 Ruotsalainen Eetu, Robotiikka
15 Salmensuu Eetu, Energia- ja ympäristötekniikka
16 Sievinen Anttoni, Degree Programme in International Business
17 Sillander Niklas, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka
18 Törnblom Ragnar, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka

Jyväskylän tradenomiopiskelijat Konkurssi

19 Anttila Annika, Liiketalous
20 Kervinen Essi, Liiketalous
21 Papinniemi Siiri, Liiketalous
22 Raita Antti, Tietojenkäsittely


23 Kangasniemi Simo, Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikka
24 Koivisto Tiia, Rakennustekniikka
25 Korri Meri, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka
26 Lemetyinen Allu, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka
27 Selänniemi Nilla, Logistiikka
28 Suvilehto Annu, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka
29 Taskinen Eliel, Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka

Jyväskylän sosiaali- ja terveysalan opiskelijat ry – JASTO

30 Hakonen Noora, Sosionomi
31 Hyttinen Janina, Sairaanhoitaja
32 Kianto Jenna, Kuntoutuksen ohjaaja
33 Kujala Lauri, Sairaanhoitaja
34 Kunnila Sini, Kuntoutuksen ohjaaja
35 Lampinen Lotta, Sairaanhoitaja
36 Peltola Fanni, Kuntoutuksen ohjaaja
37 Siivikko Heini, Sosionomi
38 Tilander Henriikka, Degree Programme in Nursing
39 Turunen-Willman Miia, Kuntoutuksen ohjaaja


The voting is carried out via an electronic link that is sent to those who are eligible to vote. That means a student who has payed JAMKO membership fee.  The link is sent to the email address that the student has given to Student Union when he or she has joined as a member. The results will be published at the election night.

The candidates will be presented on JAMKO’s election site, social media and voting aid app, in which the candidates give their opinion to issues concerning JAMKO and students. The candidates have also the possibility to participate into election panels.

Get to know the candidates

Election panels

JAMKO usually organizes an election panel before each year’s election. In the panel, the candidates are interviewed about current affairs and have the opportunity to give their opinions on JAMKO’s activities and goals.

Election panels are held

  • 31.10.2022 1 p.m – 2 p.m Election panel at Dynamo
  • 1.11.2022 klo 1 p.m – 2 p.m Election panel at Rajakatu

Voting aid app allows the voter to compare candidates and their opinions of JAMKO and issues concerning student life and student union to their own and this way to choose the most suitable person to represent them on the Representatives’ council. Application compares your answers to the answers of those candidates who have filled JAMKO’s voting aid application. Application is published on week 43.

JAMKO’s voting aid app

Voting aid app is temporarily closed

What is the representatives council?


  • is the highest authority of Student Union JAMKO.
  • is comprised and lead by JAMK UAS students.
  • consists of 21 members and 21 vice members.
  • operates for one calendar year at a time.
  • uses Finnish language, but international students are welcome to participate.
  • decides the student union’s membership fees, the student union’s plan of action and budget.
  • gives its opinions on other important matters that affect all students in JAMK UAS.

What is the work like?

  • is in an integral role of the active student community.
  • affects education, student affairs in JAMKO, JAMK and Jyväskylä.
  • is the voice of students in different JAMK’s working groups.
  • networks with important future connections.
  • gains experience in organisational work, influencing and decision making.
  • gains expert knowledge pertaining to their own interests at JAMKO Academy.
  • will not delay your studies or take a large amount of your time. The representatives meet a few times during the term. However, the representative can make motions and participate otherwise according to their own interest like to working groups.
  • things will not be hard to understand as all matters are prepped beforehand and presented to the members before the meeting.
  • you are the expert in being a student and your opinion has an impact.

Electoral alliances of the election 2022

Electoral alliances are added in the order of formation. Setting up the electoral alliance with a separate form.

Electoral spokespersons provide more information about the elections, the activities of the electoral alliance and support candidates in the election work.

  • Insinööriopiskelijat, Meri Korri,
  • Jyväskylän sosiaali- ja terveysalan JASTO, Henriikka Tilander,
  • Restonomiopiskelijat, Miia Korhonen,
  • Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset, Peetu Luiro,
  • Pienten äänitorvi TARMO, Kuisma Kauppinen,
  • Jyväskylän tradenomiopiskelijat Konkurssi, Aaro Frondelius,
  • Vihreät, Fiina Linnala,
  • Jammaus ry, Ronja Pehkonen,

Electoral alliances, rings and the role of a spokesperson

Electoral alliance is a group formed by one or more eligible candidates and the votes cast on the electoral alliance will be counted in favour of the candidates. Often the members of the alliance study in the same degree programme or share similar views related to student politics.

The founder of the alliance acts as its spokesperson, but he/she does not have to be a candidate in the election himself or be a member of JAMKO. The spokes person provides the association’s founding document, acts as a liaison between the Central Election Committee and the candidates, provides information to the candidates and acts as a support during the election. The Central Election Committee supports the election liaison officers in their duties.

In order to form an alliance, the spokesperson fills the declaring document and files it, prefetably at the beginning of the candidacy filing period or by the end of candidate filing period Sept 21st 3 p.m. at the latest. The maximum amount of the candidates in one ring should be the amount of free seats in the representatives (42).

Electoral ring is two or more electoral alliances or one or more alliances and a one or more candidates who are outside of all electoral alliances. In order to form an electoral ring, a declaring document must be done and submitted to JAMKO before the end of candidacy filing period. The maximum amount of the candidates in one ring should be the amount of free seats in the representatives (42).


All the requisite forms are found at the end of this page at the start the formation period.

Electoral alliances can be formally formed 2 days before the start of the candidacy filing period, but it is a good idea to start compiling the list well in advance. It is advisable to announce the list as soon as the period begins, because then the information in the list can be made public.

The coalitions and the spokesperson’s information are added to this site as the as the declaring documents are filed.

More information on forming alliances and electoral rings: keskuvaalilautakunta(a)

Candidacy filing has ended!

How to stand as a candidate

Candidacy filing period starts with the electoral announcement.

The candidacy filing period and forming the electoral lists usually begins at the turn of August-September, and the actual elections take place in early November.

JAMK students who have joined JAMKO for the academic year 2022 – 2023 are eligible to stand as candidates. You stand as a candidate by filling in and sending the electronic conditional application form.

The necessary forms for standing as a candidate and forming a union or ring will be available at the end of the election site during the candidacy filing period.

Candidates may stand as independent candidates or form an electoral alliance and / or electoral ring together with other candidates or unions.

Election training

Sturdy information package for all candidates, election officials and those who are thinking of it.


The required materials will be updated before the candidacy filing period starts.

Candidacy filing document

Form a coalition

form an electoral ring


Electoral declaration

Rules of the elections (fin)


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