Tutor Recruitment - don’t miss the best experience of your life!

Student Union JAMKO looks for new tutors each year. The latest recruitment period ended on January 10th, 2021. If you are interested in meeting new friends, improving your communication skills, helping new students, supervising and organizing events for peer-students, doing team leadership and team building, and getting study credits – tutoring is something that you definitely have to try.

Besides the exciting experience of being a saving lighthouse in the dark sea of the first year of studies and integration for the freshmen, you also get to work in the supportive working community of fellow tutors. Moreover, tutoring certificate is a valuable document suitable for the CV. Also, if you apply to be an exchange students tutor you get an unforgettable  intentional experience and connections all over the world! 

As all good and fun things – tutoring requires work as well, but the time you spend on it usually pays off by all the positive emotions you get. 

A little bit of necessary information before you make your final decision of becoming our awesome tutor: 

  • There are two types of the applications: degree tutor for your own degree faculty and exchange students tutor. If becoming the degree tutor you will be helping the first year students from your own degree. If becoming an exchange students tutor – you will be helping exchange students and international students. 
  • You have to be present in JAMK for the entire year 2021, since the course starts already in spring and continues until next spring, so ideally you have to be present in JAMK until spring 2022. 
  • You have to apply through the application form that is posted on this site when the application period is active.
  • For more information you can contact tutor@jamko.fi or kvtutor@jamko.fi 
  • After you have submitted the application you will be contacted by JAMKO through the email that you put in your application, the invitations and further information will be sent after the recruitment process ends. 


Tutoring is trusteeship at its finest, and an important component of JAMKO’s activities. Student tutors act as peer instructors for students, and as guides at the beginning of studies and during studies. As older students, the tutors have the privilege of sharing experiences and knowledge about questions on new students’ minds, and of introducing the new students to each other, their new study environment and the student life of Jyväskylä. Tutoring takes place all year, but is more intensive during periods when new students arrive, at the start of the fall and the spring semesters. All tutors are recruited and trained by the student union. Every student has the right to have a tutor. Tutors will be assigned to new student at the beginning of their studies. If this is not true in your case, please contact the student union!

Being a tutor

The advantages of tutoring for students starting their studies are great, but so is the experience the tutor her/himself accumulates. By becoming a tutor for incoming students, a student develops skills valued in working life: leadership skills, problem solving, confidence to appear in public and the ability to deal with different people under varying circumstances. The fact that a student has tutoring experience can be influential in applying for a job. Upon request, the tutors receive a tutor diploma, which is valued by prospective employers. Tutoring is also a study module, so it provides a nice amount of study credits as well.

Tutors represent the student union in everything they do. Tutors also act as important links between the JAMK University of Applied Sciences and its new students. Instructing and guiding new students is communication between the student union and the students. Every tutor gets to know the practices of the student union and JAMK better. What is most appealing is that tutors get to network amongst themselves and to establish friendships, which can be life-long, with students of their own field and other fields.

Many possibilities

In addition to basic tutoring you can gain tutoring hours with activities of your own choosing. Well-being tutors guide and encourage all students for sports and well-being and develop and organize sport and well-being events together with JAMKO’s well-being responsible. Well-being tutor can be a peer, degree or an international tutor who is enthusiastic and interested about sports and well-being. Well-being tutors work both in Finnish and in English. 

JAMKO’s freetime team helps to create, organize and promote JAMKO’s events JAMKO’s trips and other freetime activities. The team works both in Finnish and in English.  

Marketing tutoring hours are collected by representing JAMK at different events and visits to schools. Different opportunities are offered by the student union and marketing coordinators of JAMK.

Tutoring is managed by:

  • Board member responsible for peer tutoring: tutor(a)jamko.fi
  • Board member responsible for international tutoring (degree and exchange students): kvtutor(a)jamko.fi
  • Board member responsible for multiform tutoring and mentoring: monimuoto(a)jamko.fi
  • Advisor, guidance and well-being: ohjaus(a)jamko.fi

Peer tutoring

Who else than a more experienced student, called a peer tutor, would be better at offering advice on how to orient to student life? Peer tutors work to help and support the new degree students of the Finnish-speaking degree programmes, especially at the start of their studies.

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Degree tutoring

Degree tutors are students of the English-language degree programmes, who provide support for students of their own degree programmes. They introduce students to student life and the new situations in which students will end up while studying, help the new students to meet new people and to get to know the strange city.

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International tutoring

An international tutor is a degree student of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, who takes care of the peer support of incoming exchange students. International tutors help exchange students with practical matters and with the beginning of their studies, usually already before the exchange students themselves arrive in Finland.

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Where could one search for similar peer support and experience-based help which the tutors provided at the beginning of studies? Mentors are students, who are trained to act as peer instructors for students who have completed their first year of studies. Mentors help their fellow students through their own experience and the training they have received.

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Be a tutor!

The advantages of tutoring for students starting their studies are great, so is the experience the tutor her/himself accumulates. Becoming a tutor is possible for every JAMK student! The student union recruits hundreds of tutors every year and tutor recruitment starts at December.


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