JAMKO’s trusteeship aims to improve and maintain the status, education and well-being of students in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and society. JAMKO’s actives all work towards those goals, but advocacy is done by every student who gives feedback, votes in elections or is otherwise active in promoting the position of students. Tutoring is trusteeship at its best, promoting student issues from the very beginning of their studies. JAMKO’s trusteeship is based on the Law on Universities of Applied Sciences, the university-specific degree regulations, Jamk’s ethical and pedagogical principles, the laws and UAS specific plans on equality.

JAMKO trusteeship participates in the administrative organs and working groups of the Jamk UAS to ensure that the student’s voice is heard in the decision-making of different units and administrative fields. Additionally, the student union trusteeship supervises the quality of instruction from a student’s point of view. Trusteeship is done through various working groups, by taking a stand and by working together with different actors that have an influence on the position of students. JAMKO also acts to support and counsel its students.

Ways that JAMKO implements trusteeship
  • Advice and support for students
  • Working in working groups
  • Organising elections of the Representative council
  • Gathering feedback (e.g. the annual “Grumble Week”)
  • Press releases, position papers, statements & media outputs
  • Campaigning, demonstrations, rallies & stands
  • Influencing municipal policy
  • Cooperation with various partners and interest groups
  • Harassment contact person work
  • Tutoring

JAMKO trusteeship also looks after the interests of exchange students and international degree students of the Jamk UAS by participating in various international working groups of the university. The student union also makes sure that services and communications are provided in English as well.

The student union informs the student body about current issues in trusteeship under the ‘News’ heading on the front page of its website, in the membership letter, and in social media. If you have questions about trusteeship, or you would like to provide some feedback, do not hesitate to contact us!

Further information:

Collective e-mail: edunvalvonta(a)

The Educational Policy Responsible of the Board, kopo(a)
The Social Policy Responsible of the Board, sopo(a)
Advisor, Communications and Trusteeship , viestinta(a)

Quality of Education

Issues related to the quality and development of education and studies are a part of the student union’s educational policy. Educational policy trusteeship is made salient through participation in various Jamk working groups and intra-institutional forums, by spreading information and by taking a stand on social issues that influence students and education both locally and on the national level.

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JAMKO’s social policy trusteeship aims to monitor and promote the well-being of students throughout their lives. Social policy trusteeship focuses on welfare-related issues such as health care and social benefits such as student grants. In addition, social policy trusteeship monitors the implementation of accessibility, equality and ethical principles at Jamk and JAMKO.

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Have an influence and participate

Giving feedback and reporting the flaws of one’s own study field gives every student a chance to make things better for everyone. Voting at the council of representatives elections, being a representative and participating in working groups give an individual the chance to have an influence, and to accumulate valuable experience.

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