JAMKO offers a variety of recreational services for JAMK UAS students:

  • Entertainment and recreational activities
  • Events and trips
  • Sports services
  • Cafeteria services
  • Office services
  • Lending services

Because student life goes beyond cramming!

Events and Trips

Close your laptop and take a day off! JAMKO organizes plenty of events across a wide variety of fields, from big parties, cultural experiences, new activities, recreational opportunities and trips. Members of the student union always receive a discount on event entrance fees! In parties and other events organized by the student union, you have many chances to get to know your classmates, and to meet people from other degree programmes and nationalities.

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Yoga or ice hockey, volleyball or frisbee golf, zumba or gym exercise, maybe a laid back jog with mates?  What is your choice? There are a variety of ball games, group exercise opportunities, and sports events on offer for UAS students. Additionally, JAMKO negotiates membership benefits for its members on different sports and exercise-related courses and events.

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JAMKO Café is a relaxed café for students at JAMK Main Campus, which has the best brew on campus! The café selection is extensive, including both snacks and sweet delicacies. JAMKO Café is a living room and a place of refreshment for students.

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Final thesis book binding

A thesis is always a show of dedication which is worth giving a shape that will stand the test of time. In book form, the work and the memory will be preserved in style on your bookshelf. The book-binding service of JAMKO will make your thesis into a book affordably and quickly.

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Items to lend

Did you know that JAMKO members are able to lend items to use dor their own purposes. JAMKO has a vast variety of games, sports and event equipment.

Lending is absolutely free for members!

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Lockers at Main Campus

Did you know that as a member of JAMKO, you can get a storage locker on the Rajakatu campus? You can use the locker for example to store your bicycle helmet, coat and extra books, so you don’t have to carry everything with you all day long!

The lockers are free to use – you will pay a deposit, which will be returned to you when you return the key to JAMKO office.

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Make the most of the services!

Check out our membership discounts for different services, both our own and regional and national ones!

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