Have an influence and participate

Giving feedback and reporting the issues of one’s own study field gives every student a chance to make things better for everyone. Voting at the council of representatives elections, being a representative and participating in working groups give an individual the chance to have an influence, and to accumulate valuable experience.

We report on current matters on our website, social media and especially in our membeship letter twice a month.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in JAMKO’s trusteeship functions!



Grumble Weeks

One for all and all for one!

JAMKO’s feedback collection concept Grumble Weeks is an important development tool for education, the students’ common issues, JAMKO and the Jamk UAS. At the Grumble Weeks, organized once a year, students have a chance to give feedback related to studies, instruction, guidance and the functions of the student union. The Grumble Weeks last for two weeks and are a part of the Jamk UAS’s quality assurance system. They were organized for the first time in Spring 2010.

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Student representation in working groups

Making the student voice heard is an important part of JAMKO’s trusteeship. The students have a stable presence in the administrative organs and working groups of the Jamk University of Applied Sciences. Additionally, students have an influence in the board and the delegation of Keski-Suomen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö KOAS. Participating in a working group gives a student valuable experience and enhances the well-being, decision making capabilities and rights of the student body. New representatives to the working groups are chosen annually, when an old term ends and a new begins. An individual can be chosen as a member of a working group even if s/he does not act actively in a study field student association or the JAMKO council of representatives.

You can find the student representatives for 2023 in the JAMK intra. You can contact the student representatives directly with questions related to the group’s activities.

More information on the working groups


Student representatives in JAMK UAS working groups in 2022

The representatives can be reached via student email or JAMKO’s email (mentioned separately) 

Jamk LTD Board: Niklas Sillander niklas.sillander(a)jamko.fi
Board of Examiners: Niklas Sillander niklas.sillander(a)jamko.fi
Board of Study Issues: Niklas Sillander niklas.sillander(a)jamko.fi and Anna Tarvainen- Illi anna.tarvainen-illi(a)jamko.fi

Jamk UAS development teams
Recearch, innovation and development team: Jonathan Rubenstein ab0144(a)student.jamk.fi, vice member Mauri-Tapani Heinonen aa4107(a)student.jamk.fi
Quality team: Mauri-Tapani Heinonen aa4107(a)student.jamk.fi, vice member Eetu Salmensuu aa3001(a)student.jamk.fi
Education development team: Maria Hurme n3273(a)student.jamk.fi
Sustainable development: Paula Hokkanen n9440(a)student.jamk.fi and vice member Veera Leskinen aa4117(a)student.jamk.fi

Ethical Committee: Paula Hokkanen n9940@student.jamk.fi, vice member Anna Tarvainen-Illi anna.tarvainen-illi(a)jamko.fi
Indoor air working group: Marko Ruokolainen ab7897(a)student.jamk.fi and vice member Eetu Salmensuu aa3001(a)student.jamk.fi
Academic Sports Cooperation Group: Nilla Selänniemi nilla.selanniemi(a)jamko.fi
Restaurant committee: Marta Volosova ab6601(a)student.jamk.fi, Jonathan Rubenstein, Mauri-Tapani Heinonen, Peetu Luiro, Marko Ruokolainen ja Niklas Sillander.

Executive group: Niklas Sillander niklas.sillander(a)jamko.fi
Leading group: Janita Hietala janita.hietala(a)jamko.fi
Guidance working group: Nilla Selänniemi nilla.selanniemi(a)jamko.fi

The KOAS board

Keski-Suomen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö (KOAS) builds, rents and maintains apartments for students in Jyväskylä. The foundation is backed by the city of Jyväskylä, the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY), the The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences and some smaller student unions. The foundation is governed by a 24-member delegation which meets twice a year, and a board which has 9 members.

The representatives in KOAS’ board

2021-2022: Janita Hietala
2022-2023: Peetu Luiro, peetu.luiro(a)jamko.fi

JAMKO's snail card

The purpose of the Snail card is to remind the teachers in a tongue-in-cheek way to give the grades as is dictated in the degree regulations, that is, within four weeks of the expiration of the study module.

If a teacher has not graded her/his course within a month (four weeks) from the expiration date of the course, the teacher can be turned in to the student union. JAMKO sends the teacher in question a Snail Card via e-mail. Please specify which study module or course you took and what was its expiration date.

Please remember to check that you have done all your responsibilities, completed and returned all assignments and examinations before sending a Snail Card request.

Requests are sent to JAMKO’s education policy responsible, kopo(a)jamko.fi