As a member of the student union, it is easy for a student to become a part of the student community. Membership is also an extensive services and benefits package, which offers national and local utilities, versatile recreational opportunities, internationally flavoured events and trips, and affordable café and office services. About 4000 students benefit from the joys and advantages of these benefits and services annually.

A new member receives an official student card

The student card also acts as the student union membership card. Thus, it is recommended that new students order the official student card, with a semester sticker proving its validity. The sticker determines the length of student union membership, which will have to be renewed through the student union web site after a semester or an academic year. With a valid student card (sticker attached), a student can prove their studentship in a university of applied sciences and the membership of their student union, therefore gaining the benefits associated with membership.

JAMKO’s member can broaden their benefits of their JAMKO member card with a digital Frank Application, that acts also as a digital student card. The digital student card is not a service that can be obtained separately, but as a addition to the physical card. Read more.

If you have any questions about student union membership or about becoming a member, it is worth checking whether JAMKO’s advisor has already answered your question at the FAQ-page.

You can also contact:
Advisor of Member and Cashier Services, jasenpalvelu(a), +358 50 3361 385

Or visit:
The JAMKO office, Rajakatu 35, main campus, F-wing, room FP23

Become a member or
renew membership

To get a student card or a valid semester sticker, you will have to be a member of JAMKO. The student card is ordered when you join the student union for the first time. Membership expires after a certain time. To ensure that your membership remains valid, you will have to get a new semester sticker by renewing your membership every academic year or every semester.

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Membership benefits

Student card is the key to a cheaper student life! Whether you need a hairdresser, a tow truck or a restaurant, you will find a student friendly company via JAMKO! On this page you’ll find the best national or regional benefits. The benefits are granted with a valid membership card.


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Conditions of membership

Membership can be granted for JAMK UAS student who is studying a degree and fulfills all the conditions for obtaining a student card. Also a renewing member must fulfill these conditions.

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Membership FAQ

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions of JAMKO membership. Someone might encountered the same problems as you. JAMKO’s Advisor of member services has answered to the most common ones.

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Membership record

JAMKO’s membership register information comes directly from JAMK’s ASIO-system. Possible changes to a members personal information must be made to the ASIO system.

JAMKO Registration in Finnish