Why join JAMKO?

  • As a member of the student union, it is easy for a student to become a part of the student community. About 3000 students benefit from the joys and advantages of JAMKO’s benefits and services annually.
  • Membership is an extensive services and benefits package, which offers versatile recreational opportunities, amazing events and trips, and affordable café services, which are always offered at a lower price for members.
  • Members can use wide range of national discounts and benefits. For example long distance trains(VR) and Matkahuolto (long distance busses) fairs have significant discounts with a student card. There is also many local services in different shops, restaurants and service providers to utilize. You will find student discounts almost everywhere, just remember to ask.
  • Members can verify their membership with the physical student card or with JAMKO’s mobile student card.
  • Members can use JAMKO’s gym at the Rajakatu campus for free!
  • As a member of JAMKO you are a part of a family called the student union. You can participate in the everyday actions, vote in the elections or stand as a candidate in the elections for representatives or the board.
  • Problem cases are solved most efficiently through the student union.The voice of over 3000 students will be heard and as a member you have a say how your matters should be taken care of!

What student card?

The student card is also the membership card of the student union. So when you order the official student card you also join Student Union JAMKO. With a valid student card, a student can prove their studentship in a university of applied sciences and the membership of their student union, therefore gaining the benefits associated with membership. Members can verify their membership with the physical JAMKO-card and membership sticker, or they can upload a digital student card.

Who can get it?

Membership can be granted for student who is studying a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in JAMK UAS as an attending student. A student of Open UAS, study paths or Professional Teacher training, or a student pursuing any other non-degree education can get JAMKO’s green membership. The green membership entitles you to almost all the same benefits as the regular membership, except for the national student benefits, like Kela’s meal subsidy or student discounts for VR, Matkahuolto and local transport.

Price and validity of the membership

The membership is valid either for a semester or for the whole academic year, according to your preference. The membership can only be purchased within the same academic year. The membership sticker is attached to the physical card to indicate the validity and that the student has paid the membership fee for the current term. The sticker can be retrieved from JAMKO’s membership service. Members can also verify their membership with the digital student card. Your membership information is updated automatically on the digital card.

Joining, ordering the card and payment is done in JAMKO’s webshop at, the sticker can be collected from JAMKO’s membership service.

  • The whole academic year: 35€ (+ 8€ if you want the physical card)
  • The fall or the spring semester: 22€ + (+ 8€ if you want the physical card)

Note, that you do not have to order a new physical card for every term.

Membership at the turn of the semester

Memberships for the whole Academic year and for the spring are valid until the end of September. New memberships become available on July 1st.

Something to ask?

Check whether JAMKO’s advisor has already answered your question at the FAQ-page.

if not,

  • Contact: Advisor of Member Services, jasenpalvelu(a), +358 50 3361 385
  • Visit: The JAMKO office, Rajakatu 35, main campus, D-wing, room DP61
  • Opening hours

Become a member

You are becoming a JAMKO member for the first time and and getting a student card.

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Renew membership

You would like to renew your membership for the new semester or for the academic year.

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Membership benefits

Student card is the key to a cheaper student life and you will find a student friendly company via JAMKO!

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Who can join and get a student card?

Check the membership conditions and if you are eligible to a student card.

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Membership FAQ

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions of JAMKO membership. Someone might encountered the same problems as you.

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Membership Register

JAMKO’s membership register information comes directly from Student Unions’ joint register that is operated by Treanglo Oy. Student’s information is updated to the register when student joins JAMKO via JAMKO’s webshop in KideApp. The changes in one’s information must be done in the app. You can find the instructions to do so here: The FAQ-page.

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