Membership FAQ

I am a new student and I want to get a JAMKO student card, when can I become a member?

In order to receive a student card, a student must join as a member on the online formula. The login requires JAMK student credentials. A new student can sign on to the form after:

  1. Student has accepted the study place
  2. Student has enrolled as an attending student for the next semester
  3. Student has supplied the required certificates to student services
  4. Student has received the username and the credentials to JAMK’s systems. More details.

You will get your username during the first study week. After that you must log on to ASIO-student portal with your student credentials, and tick the box “My data can be given to the student union” in your contact information. After that you can log in on the sign up formula and join as a member.

  • Questions about the usernames or credentials: studentservices(at)
  • Questions about the JAMKO membership: jasenpalvelu(a)

Why i’m not able to log in in to the sign-up formula?

  • Make sure that tou have enrolled as an attending student to JAMK in ASIO.  It must be done before you can renew your old membership. New students enroll at before they can log on to the formula. See the previous box for details.
  • Make sure that you have ticked the box “My data can be given to the student union” in your contact information in ASIO.
  • Special characters in the password (ä, å, ö etc.) can cause issues with the sign-up. Changing the password temporarily usually solves the problem.

If the problem continues, contact: jasenpalvelu(a)

What kind of photo must I have for the student card?

When ordering a student card, you will need a digital photograph of our face. You can use any digital camera, cell phone or web camera to take the picture.

  • The photo will have to be in .jpg-format. The minimum resolution of the photograph is 201 x 295 pixels. The maximum size of the image file is 100 kilobytes.
  • The photo will have to be in passport format, that is, the orientation has to be vertical.
  • The photo can be either in black and white or in color.
  • The background and lighting of the photograph willl have to be neutral.
  • The face is to be situated at the centre of the image, and viewed straight from the front.
  • Clothing or hair cannot cover the face, headwear cannot be worn.
  • In an emergency situation, the photo can be taken at the JAMKO office.
  • Crop the picture! f. ex. in Windows there is IrfanWiev for the job. Open the picture, draw the wanted area with mouse on the picture, choose Edit and Crop selection. Save modified picture and add it to the formula.

What are my credentials to the membership form?

The credentials to the membership form are the same username and password you use to JAMK UAS networks i.e. student number + password.

What should I do when my student card is lost? Do I need to pay my membership again?

We have a membership register so you do not have to renew your membership. The lost card has to be replaced by ordering a new one via JAMKO’s website. The cost for the new card is 5 € and the student has to pay the lost card for themselves. To order the card, go to JAMKO website and choose “renew membership” and sign in to the online formula.

I would like to continue to join as a member or renew my membership beforehand to the next semester. When I am able to do so?

Autumn membership and the whole academic year can be obtained at the beginning of the membership term 1st of July and the spring semester membership can be acquired 1st of January. Note that the service hours of JAMKO office may differ from these dates, when you are actually able to collect your student card or sticker.

I have been abroad, in the military or otherwise took a break from studies, do I have to get a new student card?

No, your excisting student card can be used, if it is ordered after year 2007. Just renew your membership online and collect a valid sticker from the office or member service points.

Can I get a temporary student card before the real one arrives as I am going to travel and need the discount?

Unfortunately there are no temporary student cards.
If students do not have a student card granted by the student union yet, they can temporarily prove their eligibility for the student discount in National Railway (VR) with a temporary certificate of student status that is signed and stamped at the student services.

I have a student card from another student union. Can I receive JAMKO’s membership sticker on that card?

The student card is a membership card of a specific student union. The card has to be renewed when transferring from another UAS to another. That is why you can not receive the sticker on to the old card.

I changed study field or unit within JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Do I have to order a new student card?

It is not necessary, you are still a JAMK UAS student.

My surname/family name has changed; do I have to order a new one?

The student card should match your actual name in your ID so it would be preferred to change it. The change should be done by the turn of the membership term at the latest.

How can I correct my information in JAMKO’s member register?

Correct your information in ASIO and remember to save the changes.

If your surname has changed and you are ordering new student card, contact the membership service before you order the card. Contact:

If your name has changes due to e.g. marriage, you must take care of the matter personally at your own study fields student services and you need to prove the change with an official document. 

If you are ordering a new student card, please wait a few days that the change is updated to JAMKO’s system. When the change has been updated, the new name should be visible automatically in Asio. When your name is correct in the system, you can proceed to order a new card via JAMKO’s website. The new card costs 5,00€.

How can I get a membership sticker, if I am unable to get it from the JAMKO office during office hours because of a long distance?

For new members JAMKO can not send student cards, since the identity of the student must be verified.

If you are an old member and unable to come to the member service points, you can send your card to JAMKO’s office where the sticker is attached to the card and then send back to you.

  • First renew your membership at the membership -page
  • Pay the membership fee via online bank and remember to use the index number which is given to you on the online formula.
  • Send a printed receipt of the payment, your student card and a return envelope with your address and a stamp on it to JAMKO’s office.


Student Union JAMKO / member service
Rajakatu 35
40200 Jyväskylä

I ordered a student card. Why haven’t I received any confirmation of the order?

Unfortunately the system does not give a confirmation of the order. When the card is ready to be collected, you’ll receive an email to your school email. The students who already have a JAMKO card and are renewing members can collect the sticker right after the membership is renewed.

If you encounter difficulties or the card hasn’t arrived in three weeks, contact: jasenpalvelu(a)

Can I get a ISIC – feature to my student card

The ISIC feature is not available for the physical, plastic JAMKO student card, but the ISIC-feature is available to the digital student card (Frank App). ISIC – licence is  a chargeable feature and it can be activated if wanted on your digital student card settings.


  • Go to “settings ⚙”
  • Choose “buy ISIC-licence” – if the link won´t open, try again by closing the Frank app and opening it again.
  • You are moved to the buying platform –  fill it in and pay
  • Go back to Frank app – you will see your ISIC-number on your student card view by pressing the barcode-icon.

Note that Frank is available for JAMKO members only until the end of February. Read more, click here

Can i renew membership for the whole study year if I am going to graduate at autumn semester?

Using the student card after graduation or after the study time is over is a crime. Therefore you can not be a JAMKO member after graduation or after your studying time has ended.

In this case you can join only for the autumn semester. However, if your studies for some reason continue for the spring semester, you are able to continue your membership then.

Why does THE PRINT On my card wear away?

The student card is printed with an affordable technique, so the expenses to the students could be kept low. Using this technique the printing is done on the card’s surface, so the picture and the text are worn away if the card is handled carelessly. The card shouldn’t be kept separately in pockets or bags, where the card could be damaged by keys and such. The card can also be broken easily when bended.

The renewing of the card caused by wearing away or breaking is done on the expense of the owner. The printing fee of a new card is 5 euros.

Am I entitled to discounts in the local busses?

The green “Linkki” busses are the local transportation in Jyväskylä. Over 25 year old full time students are granted discounts from ticket products when acquired beforehand. The discounts are granted with a blue student card. The discount is not given from the individual single tickets bought from the busses. Student priced ticket products be bought from the following places:

  • Linkki service point, Asemakatu 7 Forum
  • Sokos department store, ticket sales office

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