Exchange tutoring

An exchange tutor is a degree student of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, who takes care of the peer support of incoming exchange students. Tutors help exchange students with practical matters and with the beginning of their studies, usually already before the exchange students themselves arrive in Finland.

Important tasks of tutors include introducing the exchange student to Finnish culture, helping them to adapt to the study and general environment and organizing varied recreational activities. The tutoring of international exchange students gives one an excellent opportunity to develop her/his language skills, to network with new people and to accumulate international experience in their home country.

Tasks of an exchange tutor

The exchange tutoring correspondent of the JAMKO board distributes the incoming exchange students into tutoring groups, each led by an exchange tutor. The exchange tutor contacts the exchange student well in advance before the start of their exchange period and inquires about practical arrangements. Exchange students receive tips and guidance regarding apartments and public transportation from their tutor.

Incoming exchange students are picked up by tutors, usually from Matkakeskus or Tikkakoski airport. Tutors can pick up the keys to the exchange student’s apartment beforehand, and show the newly arrived student to her/his apartment.

Exchange tutors participate actively in the tutoring teams, led by the exchange tutoring correspondent of the JAMKO board, in which topical issues relating to tutoring are discussed, tutoring activities planned and experiences shared. The exchange tutors also co-operate closely with the responsible tutor of their degree programme and the tutoring correspondent of their study field association’s board. Degree tutors of the English language degree programmes and exchange tutors co-operate closely with one another.

Further information:

JAMKO’s Board Member responsible for Exchange tutoring : kvtutor(a)