Freshman pass

The Freshman pass is JAMKO’s event pass, which is distributed to first-year students and encourages them to get to know student events, new people and the city’s services.
Freshman passes are distributed during the orientation week. If you do not receive your passport within a week or lose your passport, you can receive a new one from our office, according to the office hours. Stamps on a lost passport will not be replaced.

Stamps are collected in the pass (1 stamp / box). Once you have collected a sufficient number of stamps (10), of which at least 4 are event boxes, you will receive a unique freshman overalls badge. When you have a total of 15 stamps, of which at least 5 are event boxes (4 events and 1 wellness event), you will only receive a Super Add-on for your freshman badge which will be distributed to a few and selected ones. You can get badges for as long as we have them.

You will receive stamps from the events on site, but in other cases you will need to prove your performance for the stamps. Proof of performance is done by showing a picture (e.g. a selfie) of you performing a given task. The picture must be shown at JAMKO’s office to JAMKO’s member service advisor during office’s opening hour. She also has every power to reject the performance if she feels that there is something suspicious in the image.

The Freshman pass underwent a reform for the Autumn of 2022. We are collecting pros and cons from this reform so that we can develop our freshman pass in a better direction. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or even praise, all of them can be sent to vpj (at) or anonymously via JAMKO’s feedback channel

When you get your passport full, return it to the JAMKO office on April 28, and you will participate in a raffle for great prizes.

Freshman pass rules

  • Keep both your passport and your friend safe!
  • If you find a lost passport, return it to the JAMKO office. If you lose your passport, you will get a new one from the office, but the old stamps will not be returned.
  • The passport is personal. So collect everything you stamped yourself.
  • If you get caught improper use, your passport will no longer be valid.
  • The passport must be returned to JAMKO’s office by April 28, 2023 at the latest
  • The member service advisor has all the right to evaluate the validity of the performance according to the picture.
  • The best freshman passes will be awarded. The raffle will be drawn among those who have returned a passport with at least 15 performances, including 5 transactions.
    When there are 10 performances, 4 of which are events, you are eligible for the freshman overall badge.
  • When there are 15 performances, 5 of which are events, you are eligible for the super freshman badge.
  • If the passports with the most performance show a tie. The winner will be decided by raffle
  • Winners will be contacted directly after the draw. The names will also be published in JAMKO’s social media. You will receive an overall badge in exchange for your freshman pass. Badges are handed out as long as we have them.

Awards for the semester 2022–2023


the one who collected the most stamps in the passport – € 200 gift card for the S Group, 5 x meal and 5 x dessert gift card for McDonald’s, € 50 gift card for, Salad and Delicacy for two at Miriam


the second most stamped passport – € 100 gift card for the S Group, 5 x meal gift card for McDonald’s, € 50 gift card, FoodIn product package


raffle among all those who have reached the limit of the Super freshman – € 50 gift card for the S Group, 5 x dessert gift card for McDonald’s, surprise product package