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Discover Jyväskylä, the true student city!

Jyväskylä is a true student city. With more than 144 000 inhabitants and around 40 000 students, Jyväskylä is one of Finland’s most important university and education cities, known for its culture, education and sports expertise. The importance of students to the city is well illustrated by the fact that around one in three in the city are students.

Welcome to the ranks of your kind! Find yourself in a city where it’s a pleasure to study and be independent. Jyväskylä is easy to come to and easy to settle in. The open and energetic city offers a huge amount to see and experience in a compact size. Imagine how great it would be if you could find a career, a hobby, a soul mate and a group of people you feel you belong to all in the same city! Jyväskylä is first and foremost a community of people. That’s why Jyväskylä has a lot to offer, both in student life and beyond.

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When looking for a home in your new city, consider what kind of environment you want to live in, how much you want to pay rent, and compare whether electricity, internet, or water are included in the price.

Locating an apartment should be your number one priority when you receive a letter of acceptance from JAMK. It is wise to think about the rent level, whether you wish to live alone or with flat mates, and where in the city you want to live. In the center of the city the apartments are more expensive than in the suburbs but living further away from the center has its added costs e.g. bus tickets. JAMK UAS Campuses locate in a walking distance from the city centre, except Tarvaala campus.

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Renting in Finland

Renting is regarded generally safe in Finland and especially when there is a company or bigger organisation behind the process. It is although wise to remember a few things before signing a lease or paying a rental deposit.

  • Do not pay the deposit or sign the contract without seeing the apartment. This is wise, when you are dealing with private lessor. It is also ok to turn down unconventional rental terms, like agreeing to tend the lessors yard in exchange for lower rent.
  • Always remember to make a written rental agreement that states the rental period, the rent and its revision. There are many different contract templates on the Internet, and you should always read the contract you sign carefully. What to agree upon a lease agreement
  • Check your rental agreement what the rent includes. Electricity is usually not included in the rent, but heating expenses and water are might be. In some cases you need to pay an additional monthly water fee either on the basis of water consumption, or a fixed sum depending on the number of people in living in the apartment. You might also have to make a separate contract with internet service providers to get a sufficiend internet connection.
  • Home insurance is a typical requirement in the rental terms, and you should definitely  have one in case of unexpected situations. The cost depends on e.g. the size of the apartment and the insurance cover. For example Pohjola offers home insurance for rental homes.
  • The tenant is entitled to a full refund of the rent deposit if there are only traces of normal living in the apartment, such as nail holes on the walls from paintings. In case of any disputes, it helps if the condition of the apartment has been recorded and even photographed when signing the lease.
  • The tenant is entitled to home peace. The landlord has no right to visit the apartment without the tenant’s consent once the tenant has paid the rent and taken care of the tenant’s responsibilities.
Matters to consider before renting


In Jyväskylä, student housing is provided, developed and built by two rental housing providers specializing in student housing: the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS) and Soihtu Housing. A large, non-profit landlord specializing in student housing is a safe choice for a first student home and both are also under student ownership guidance.

It is also worth following the newspaper advertisements and the apartment forum of the University of Jyväskylä Student Union. Apartments can be found online, through rental brokers, insurance companies, banks, foundations and acquaintances. Of course, you can also submit your own application.

Housing in Saarijärvi

Students of Tarvaala Campus should inquire about rental housing in the City of Saarijärvi’s housing services and contact information for private landlords at the Tarvaala Campus student services

modern and communal student housing

Soihtu is known for supporting community and climate-friendly rental housing. A large part of Soihtu’s student apartments are studio apartments, and there are also other types of apartments available for different needs. The most famous destination is Kortepohja Student Village: the legendary student housing property offers homes for students from all educational institutions.

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