The Freshmen party – event for all new students!

Student union JAMKO arranges the biggest event of the fall for JAMKs new students: Tursajaiset Freshmen party!

The event starts at Main Campus on Rajakatu where you can enjoy the festival athmosphere, explore stands from JAMKO’s partners and compare outfits with friends. From Rajakatu you leave together with your diversified teammates and tutors and go around the city of Jyväskylä conducting tasks at different control points. From each control point you collect points for the tasks and the enthusiasm of your team and the team that has most points at the end of the event wins a fantastic price! Tursajaiset Freshmen party also has a consistent theme and dressing according to it is half of the fun! One of the best dressing students will of course be rewarded. The theme will be announced closer to the event.

The event is not a humiliation or teasing fest for the new students. The main idea of the event is to break the barriers between different study fields, familiarize the students to their new city and friends and connect them to the student community. The activities on the check points will not be demeaning or the participants will not be hazed. Security Stewards and the events own harassment contact person will patrol through the event, that you can contact if something inappropriate happens.

Please note that alcohol on the school premises is strictly forbidden and use common sense throughout the event. The event usually starts early afternoon, so it is wise to come to an agreement with your teacher for compensating the possible lost hours. The faculty is a fair crowd, and it often succeeds one way or another when you take care of the matter tactful and in advance. JAMKO can not give an exemption from the lectures due to the event.

More information will be updated on the event calendar!

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