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Sometimes studying can be challenging or even hard. Then you start to doubt yourself. Positive thinking gives always a good boost but an even better boost you get when you think back things you have already learned and achieved. I bet that list is long and something to be proud for.


Learning means you are acquiring new skills, perspectives or ways to live. As a child you learned amazing things like walking, reading, using computers etc. Learning happens through practice and many mistakes, you should not be afraid of.  Becoming an adult or an expert in something is a longer process and requires lot of concentrated learning. Planning and set goals help you on your way. In order to achieve a degree at university of applied sciences you have already achieved many goals in life like high school diploma or similar. At the university of applied sciences this continues. You make a plan how you get your degree done and follow the plan. Sounds simple but can be hard if you don´t trust yourself.


For me the greatest feelings of being a human being involve learning and feelings of that I can do something, I am able to do something. For instance leaving my parents and going to the study town on my own was a big but inevitable change in life. After graduating the high school I was the besserwisser, I thought I knew it all. I trusted myself a lot even too much.

Taking care of my business and life had its challenges. Understanding and experiencing that you actually can do things, like cooking and keeping up the school schedules, felt very important step towards working life. Taking care of your own economy and studies is a big responsibility. Managing this is a victory! And if you have come here to study from another country – you really have achieved something, at least if you have filled the forms yourself! The good base of skills you build makes the life easier everywhere. This I know because I have made three long exchange periods abroad. Going abroad without having any friends in your destination feels uneasy at first but after a while when you start getting to know the culture and make new friends it is very satisfying. Studying in a foreign country made me sure that I can manage living anywhere I want. What a wonderful feeling!  So be proud and trust yourself – you can do it!

Hannu Järvistö
(Executive Director of Student union JAMKO)

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