Don’t gamble, Grumble instead

I feel quite safe to say, that every one of you can think one thing that should be improved in your study field, school, teaching, study environment, classroom, in the actions of JAMK UAS and services of JAMKO. Wouldn’t it be nice to change at least one of those things? That is why Grumble Weeks were created for.

Grumble Weeks is a feedback concept designed by JAMKO’s trusteeship actives. During two hectic weeks we gather anonymous feedback from both Finnish and international students about the things above with an electronic survey. Your job is to speak up and give your perspective how we and JAMK UAS can make your studying more fluent, study environments more efficient and the support systems more accessible. Listening to students, the quality of our services and contentment of our members is a big deal in JAMKO and also our UAS is committed to improving and developing the education and support systems. Feedback is crucial when it comes to developing education and the actions within. JAMK provides the opportunity to influence on the development with different kinds of feedback systems and Grumble Weeks is a part of JAMK’s Quality system.

When things go sour, the usual way is to smoulder silently, speak behind people’s backs and rant behind closed doors. That is an unfair way to approach the subject, because it doesn’t lead anywhere and doesn’t give the possibility adjust or correct the status quo. The way you convey your point makes all the difference. You’ll make the most of your efforts by staying in the subject, deliver the feedback to the person in question, and keep the personal remarks to yourself. Constructive, justified criticism is accepted more openly than insults slammed to one’s face in the heat of the moment. During Grumble Weeks the feedback from every study field is processed and formed into three types of reports that are sent to the study field associations, quality teams and administration of the UAS. That way your feedback will make an impact there where it matters the most.

Silence makes also a statement. It is a form of indifference and accepting the state of things and might seem that everything is ok, when the reality is the opposite. It sends mixed messages especially in Finland, because here it is quite typical that people do not feel the urge to say anything when things run smoothly. That behavior conceals two risks. One, you’ll have to wait for that famous Someone to take up things if there is something to improve (that Someone might never come) or two, things take a turn for the worse, because someone changes perfectly good procedures due to the lack of positive affirmation.

Don’t gamble, give feedback instead.

Communications and trusteeship secretary

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