Let me introduce myself

Hello! At first let me introduce who I am, I’m Sami Jussinmaki first year ICT-engineering student and my major is cyber security.  This has been so exciting being part of member of board of JAMKO with responsible of International Club. This year has been so great so far and I think this is getting better all the time, I have met so many new people in this year already and it has been so incredible to see how people are so nice in this world.

Last weekend started one of my passions, the Formula 1 season. Of course that I come from Finland, my favorites are Kimi Räikkönen and Waltteri Bottas. If you think what kind of career they have made, it is amazing. It is so nice to see people who have found their passion for doing what they want do with so passionate about it. Mercedes has lost their advantage to Ferrari, that was my conclusion from this season’s first race. This season is looking so good because best teams are now so close to each other. I have been always interested in technology and mechanics. Now I wait for the next race and you will never know who is going to win next race, so exciting.

So you are wondering why I am writing this in my blog. Well, the hobbies and free time is really important in student’s life. This is what takes your thoughts to something else than study, you will be so much relaxed and you will be ready for next week. This is what you don’t want to forget. This is the best time of your life right now and you have to take care of yourself too. People are doing different things in their free time, because we are individuals. But main point is to do something else than study all time, go out, gym, party and see friends. Take a break from your studies and do what you want to do, take time for yourself sometimes. ☺

So here was little brief of my thoughts and what I like to in my free time.

Sincerely yours,

Member of Board of JAMKO

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