Technology revolution

Easter is coming again to us. I just make cup of coffee that I would wake up for this day, I am not a morning person at all. Four days, what you going to do? I ask people for that in last days, someone is going to north of Finland, one to Stockholm, one to make school projects. So we are different individuals all. And that is richness in humankind. So stop your self when you are with someone and listen what kind of stories of life is told. Start expanding your thoughts, because you will learn more listening than talking.

So my main point is in here is that we are different life situation. We are studying harder and harder all the time, but we have more equipment to learn things faster. What will future bring us? Older people don’t remember nothing more than pencil and paper from school, we remember laptops and ipad´s, what will those young people who are in elementary school now remember in 20 years from here? They are studying programming in first class, we have same class in our school now. So revolution of education is coming.

The internet of things is going to change world so much. In future, thing when you want to eat something, you check your virtual contact lens what I want to eat, and then make a order and quadcopter will get that for you, where ever you are in that position. Or you want to contact your friend, you simply open hologram image of your friend and start to talk with your friend. Or you want to go somewhere from your home, you just check that there is coming empty self-driving robotic car that will get you in maybe park where you want to make a walk because it is so sunny day. There are so much possibilities in the future, so sky is the limit.

Technology and robotic things will revolute the world. Think when you are sick, and doctor give you nanorobots that will go in your blood circulatory and the robot will fix your sickness.  Or you have been in a accident and you have lost your finger, doctors will give you bionic fingertip that provides tactile feedback to you like your normal fingers will give you. And maybe you want to go in holiday. You just simply take your virtual contact lenses and take the images in there to show you the amazing views. And you put your nose filter that will give you right kind scent of ocean where you virtually are.

This might be our future, you will never know where future will take you.

Think outside the box and listen people what they have to say.


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