What do you want to fit in on your plate?

Here writes the international- and degreetutor responsible of JAMKO. One of the reasons that I wanted to join the student organization is that I simply want to make the most of my time as a student. Actually I’m pretty eager to make the most out of life in general too but that is kind of another story. This attitude combined with the fact that I also tend to get excited overly easily, makes me want to take part on pretty much everything even slightly interesting and to try all kinds new things when different kinds of opportunities present themselves. Lately I have noticed that this might not always be a good thing.

Life of a student can be really busy even if you do not have anything ‘’extra’’ going on. It is constant balancing between the actual studies, having a social life, getting enough sleep, and rest and in many cases, such as mine, having a part-time job.  And I am not going to lie, this spring has been possibly the most stressful time of my life. As a person who would like to participate on many things I find this lack of time irritating. It is above and beyond difficult for me to accept the fact that it is simply impossible to have time on everything I want to do. I think we all have encountered a situation when we first read of something interesting and get super excited and enthusiastic but then realize that there is some other meeting going on at the same time or there is an important deadline on that day. After this realization comes disappointment and at worst cases a tiny bit questioning of your choices.

However getting disappointed is pointless. After all I am the one who have made the choices to have those things on my plate. No one forced me to work during studies. I decided myself that I want some extra income in addition to study grant. And although I was persuaded it was me who decided to contribute to student well being by joining the student union. Accepting the fact that the space on the plate is limited is challenging but something that you simply must do. It is impossible to have everything. It all comes down to those choices. What do you want to fit in on your plate?


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