Let it Snowday!

When you tell someone that you are from Finland, they usually don’t know much about what kind of country it is. One of the first things that comes to mind about Finland is very often that it is cold and there’s a lot of snow.

Well, as you can see from the weather outside, our winters are very changeable nowadays. Few weeks ago we had –30 celsius degrees and now it seems like the snow is vanishing little by little. But don’t you worry – like I said, our winters are changeable and the weather forecast tells that there will be more snow next week!

Although the winters aren’t as snowy as they used to be, the snow is and, I believe, will always be a very big deal for Finnish people. Did you know that Finns have over 50 different names for snow? I think it’s basically impossible to find a Finn who doesn’t have an opinion about snow – some hate it, some love it. Even though winter and snow comes every year, it always surprises people when the first snow falls – and even for the haters it’s pretty magical.

Why do Finns love winter and snow so much then? We have a lot of activities that can’t be done during the summer. There are lots of winter sports and activities like skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snow fight, riding a snowmobile, building a snowman, ice fishing and ice swimming. Yes, you heard it right – ice swimming! It’s possible by making a large hole to a frozen lake. Many Finnish people love swimming in the winter and they say it’s very good for your health. If you have a possibility to try it I highly recommend, but it’s best to try it with someone who has some experience.

If dipping in an ice cold lake sounds too extreme, we offer lots of different winter activities next week in Snowday! You can try ice fishing, walking with snow shoes, snow yoga and many more! We also have few places left on our snow football tournament, enroll here!

See you in Snowday!

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