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Kuva: Lauri Kaivo-oja

JAMKO’s mascot Jarkko Bunny is always ready to have some fun, so be sure to give him high fives when you see him.

The one thing I regret from my own time as a student is that I never dared to go to an exchange period. I imagine that the incoming exchange students, who are currently arriving to Jyväskylä, are hugely exited but also a bit apprehensive at the same time. I assure you that you will have the time of your life.
Make the most of your time in Jyväskylä by tapping in to the great student benefits which are granted to all JAMKO members. By getting the JAMKO card you’ll get access to a wide variety of local and nationwide benefits and versatile recreational opportunities and internationally flavoured events and trips, which will ease and enrich your stay in Finland.

The discounts are available in many stores and from many services, you just need to remember to ask about them. Many places don’t holler about it that much, but generally Jyväskylä is a student friendly town. JAMKO has gathered a selection of the most important discounts to JAMKO’s website and the list goes on at Student’s Jyväskylä – service. The student card is JAMKO’s membership card an as a member you can participate to many events, like trips to Lapland and St Petersburg cheaper and can use the JAMKO gym for free. It can also be used as a library card at JAMK, when you activate the card during your first visit. The most significant benefit is the discount on the National Railway and on long distance busses. The discount is about 50 percent off the actual price, and that is a huge advantage if you want to see Finland on a wider scale.

As a member you can eat very affordably at all JAMK UAS campuses and for many the lunch is the only warm meal they have during the day. For 2,60 euros you will get a warm meal with all the fixings (bread, salad, and a beverage). The food offered divides opinions amongst Finnish students, but generally the lunch offered consists of many options and the special diets are taken in to consideration quite well. Just remember to keep the student card at hand, because with that you can prove that you are a student and entitled to the benefit.

In addition to the monetary perks, as a member you’ll join a union almost 4000 members strong and great numbers mean great support. JAMKO’s first priority is to take care of student interests, well-being and act as advocate in issues concerning students in the UAS, municipality in whole Finland. JAMKO trains the tutors that help you with your first steps in a strange country, and also provides the survival kit service. You are always welcome to ask about the things that trouble or you find confusing. Find out more about JAMKO trusteeship.

On JAMKO’s behalf I wish you warmly (despite of the weather) welcome to Finland and I look forward of seeing you in our events and office. Please do not hesitate to come and have a chat.

All the best,
Communications and trusteeship secretary

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