JAMKO’s membership at the beginning of the academic year


JAMKO’s membership for academic year 2017 – 2018 and for spring 2018 is valid until the end of September 2018. After this the membership can be renewed for the semester of for the whole academic year to maintain student benefits. Membership can be renewed via JAMKO’s website from July 1st.  However the new membership sticker that validates the card, can not be collected fro the office until August 8th, when JAMKO opens its office. Continuing students’ e-cards via FrankApp will function until the end of August, but the membership and the physical card will stay valid until the end of September. The Digital card can be reactivated, after student has renewed the membership. Renewing the membership requires that student has signed up as an attending student for the current semester.

More information on renewing the membership


New students

New students can join JAMKO and order a student card via JAMKO website starting from June 1st, although the card  and the membership sticker can’t be collected until the office opens on Aug 8th. Frank’s digital student card will function at the beginning of August after the register is updated.

Joining JAMKO and ordering the official student card requires that student has the JAMK UAS student credentials. A new student can sign on to the form after:

  1. Student has accepted the study place
  2. Student has enrolled as an attending student for the semester
  3. Student has supplied the required certificates to student services
  4. Student has received the username and the credentials to JAMK’s systems.

More details about the steps.

Usually you will get your username during the first study week. After that you must log on to ASIO-student portal with your student credentials, and tick the box “My data can be given to the student union” in your contact information. After these steps you can log in on the sign up formula and join as a member.

Notice that getting the student card may take up to 3 weeks at the beginning of the semester. You’ll get a message to your school email, when the card is ready for you to be picked up. If the time exceeds this, contact out membership service.

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