Become a member

To get a student card and a valid semester sticker, you will have to be a member of your student union. The student card is ordered when you join the student union for the first time. Membership expires after a certain time, depending on whether you have become a member for a semester or for an academic year. To ensure that your membership remains valid, you will have to get a new semester sticker by renewing your membership every academic year or every semester.

Student benefits can only be obtained with a student card which has a valid semester or academic year sticker attached.

  • Membership is meant only for students of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.
  • Bachelor or masters degree students receive a blue student card, if they fulfill the conditions of having a blue card.
  • There is no student card available for Open university, teacher education college or study path students at the moment.
  • Exchange students are eligible for a blue student

Check the requirements here.

Remember to sign up as an attending student

In order to become a member of the student union or to renew your membership, you will first have to sign up to attend an upcoming semester during the sign up periods, and to tick the box ‘My information may be given to the student union’ under contact information of ASIO-student portal. After this you can sign up to the form with your JAMK online credentials via the link below. By filling out the form you will join the student union. You will receive assistance from your tutor or JAMKO’s member service points.

New students can sign up as JAMKO’s members and order a student card after they have enrolled for attendance and when they have got the password for JAMK network.  Check here for details.


Contact: jasenpalvelu(a) or +358 503361385

Become a member

You are becoming a JAMKO member for the first time and you will be ordering a student card.


Renew membership

You already have a student card and would like to have a new sticker for the semester or for the academic year.


Digital student card

JAMKO’s member can broaden their benefits of their JAMKO member card with a digital Frank Application, that acts also as a digital student card. The digital student card is not a service that can be obtained separately, but as a addition to the physical card.

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Membership fee

  • The whole academic year: 30€
  • The fall or the spring semester: 17€

NB! The students who have ordered a new student card pay additional production fees of the card: 5€


You can pay the membership fee either in person at the JAMKO office, or at one of the member service points. The membership can be paid in cash or by card (Debit, Credit, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard). This alternative is recommended if you do not own a Finnish bank account.

The fee can also be payed for via an online bank, but it is crucial to present a receipt of the payment (either printed or electronic) when you come to pick the card or the semester sticker up.

Validity of the membership

The membership is valid either for a semester or an academic year, according to your preference. After it expires, it can be renewed.

  • The fall semester membership is valid until the end of January of the following year
  • The spring semester membership is valid until the end of September
  • The membership for an academic year is valid until the September of the following year

The sticker on the student card indicates its validity. The sticker is an indicator that the student has paid the student union membership fee and the sticker is glued to the card at JAMKO member service after payment of the membership fee.