Apply to TimeTuesday as a performer!

TimeTuesday is JAMKO’s most recent event concept, where you can experience different musical performers at the stage of Freetime. During Autumn 2018 the stage is open also for other kinds of styles and performances. The best part is that the performers are selected amongst the students and you have the chance to show your talent! We are searching for different styles of bands, solo-performers, DJs, dancers, stand up comedians, magicians, improvisation theatre performers or even sword-swallowers to show their talent at TimeTuesday. Only the sky is the limit! TimeTuesday is a great opportunity for upcoming performers to shine and get their time in the limelight.

Events are held on Sept 11th and Nov 27th. Be sure to be available on one of the dates. We select the performers from the applicants and the slots will be divided between the performers, so your exact showtime is revealed about a week before the event.
Doors open each night at 9pm. Sound system is on the house.

So brush up your stand up routine, gather up your band and make sure that your bunny stays is your top hat and shine like a star at Freetime. Send us an email where you tell about the style of your act, about you or your group and about your experience. Tell also which date your act is available. If possible, add a picture, sample of your music in form of sound or video link. The text, picture and video might vbe used in the marketing of the event.

More info and the applications

Vice chairperson of the Board
Tuomas Kallinki

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