Feedback reports of Grumble Weeks published

The Grumble Weeks are a feedback survey made for the student of JAMK by the Student Union JAMKO and JAMK. This year it took place between 12th and 25th of March 2018. The survey replaced the survey meant for second year students and because of that the questions were remodeled from the previous questionnaires. The questions concerned the quality of education, teaching and guidance, and the wellbeing of students. There were totally 396 answered feedbacks.

The feedbacks were processed confidentially by JAMKO’s Board Members and two different reports were compiled – one public version without the open answers, and one version for the heads of department and quality teams which contains all of the unsensored feedback. JAMKO held also follow-up events for each study field where the feedback was discussed between personnel and students. The feedback concerned e.g. the functionality of network environments, the level of teaching quality and different suggestions for improvements to the campuses

The public reports are published on JAMKO’s website in Finnish and JAMKO’s actives have answered in English the feedback targeted to JAMKO.

More information on Grumble Weeks:

Mirva Jokilehto, educational policy,

Amanda Nygård, social policy,

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