Grumble weeks 2018: you grumbled, JAMKO answers!

Grumble weeks were organized 12th till 25th of March 2018 and they reached 396 respondents in JAMK UAS. JAMKO has answered to the feedback regarding JAMKO’s actions below.


JAMKO’s services are mainly good, and it makes JAMK an even more attractive university of applied sciences. However, members find that JAMKO could offer more student benefits for its members.

This year will be the year of services for JAMKO.For this purpose there is a project-oriented Board membership this year, and he is focusing on improving the services that JAMKO offers. The satisfaction of our members is surveyed annually through a membership survey that will help us to continuously improve the services we provide to our members. Based on the feedback, we will look into potential new partners this year.

JAMKO could organize more events targeted to adult students.

Adult students and the services and events targeted to them are on our minds, and such things could be some kinds of excursions. The character and the timing of the event are still under consideration. Events held during weekends are possible, but for now we hardly have organized them. For example, during the Vappu week we organized a day for the students with families, which was on the Saturday. We strive to organize many kinds of non-alcoholic events, which are suitable for all the students, also in the future.

JAMKO takes care of the recreational activities of the students very well. However, there could be more marketing of the events and JAMKO could arrange more low-threshold events.

JAMKO has arranged many low-threshold events during the current academic year, such as TimeTuesdays, Tuesday clubs, Tuesday jogs, Trusteeship teams, Snowday, Vappu week and Burger Nights. We aim at maintaining the events low-threshold for the participants. We are aware of the fact that the marketing of our events is inadequate and we will improve our actions concerning the marketing in the future.

JAMKO Café is hoped to be open during the later hours.

There has been conducted a customer survey about the opening hours, and based on that the current opening hours has been formed. In fall 2017 was inquired if the students want the opening hours to focus either on mornings or evenings, which resulted in the current opening hours (Mon-Thu 8:45-15:00 and Fri 7:45-14:00). This inquiry, however, is made every year during fall, so next fall there is a possibility to affect in the opening hours by answering the feedback survey.


Students find it concerning how JAMKO’s activity focuses mainly on main campus at Rajakatu.

Our office, Café and gym are located in facilities at Rajakatu which are given for our needs through negotiations with JAMK. However JAMKO’s mission is to represent and serve all students of JAMK, regardless of their campus. This is why we have a member service point three times a week at Dynamo and once a week in Music Campus and Tarvaala during the autumn. This arrangement is used for a bit over the first month of autumn so we can ensure every wiling student can get to know our services and join as our member.

Our co-operation with Academic Sports of Jyväskylä we are encouraging students to do sports all around the city, and not only at our own gym at Rajakatu. With the Café we are currently thinking how we could expand the service for other campuses also.

Considering the feedback, we will aim to adjust our services so that they will serve all our members across the campuses more actively and equally.


Tutors were very useful, for example, for finding friends and for schooling etc., but the tutoring of the open path students and the students of January intake was forgotten.

What comes to tutoring, JAMKO invests in all of the students. In some study fields the open path students have different practices, but we are aiming at making the tutoring same for all the students. The challenges with January intakes are big, but the problems have been identified and we aim at finding solutions for them.

Peer support for the thesis writers is wanted.

In addition to the support services and thesis sauna provided by JAMK, the support especially from the peer writers is wanted when writing a thesis. This is a very good notice, since even though the students are provided with many kinds of support, the supporters are mainly other people than the students themselves. The new mentors of JAMKO are, however, students to who thesis is already familiar and they can act as a link between the staff and the students. We are on our way to developing the mentoring so that with the help of the mentors we could pay attention to the students in the middle of the thesis process better and be there for them even more.

More information

Chairperson of the Board, trusteeship and tutoring
Mikael Rauhansalo
044 3211500


Vice chairperson of the Board, services
Tuomas Kallinki
044 321 1550

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