JAMKO is looking for new actives!

JAMKO is seeking for new board members. Are you up for a year filled with experience that is valued by employers and also new lifelong friends and network from different fields?

JAMKO’s Board consists of the chairperson and vice chairperson, and the trusteeship and service sectors. JAMKO works to promote students’ well-being, student life and ability to study. At JAMKO, you can meet students and JAMK staff members and meet municipal and state decision-makers. Working on JAMKO’s Board gives the keys to learning new things and developing one’s own strengths. On the trusteeship side, it is possible to influence the well-being of students through various working groups, such as the HYPE-team and the quality team, through well-being events such as Jolkkari, Well-being Week and Sports-appro, and the students’ closest contacts – tutoring.

On the service process team side, as an event responsable and company and cooperation responsable, you can organize and develop equal student events, trips and other membership benefits. The Communication responsable works together with trusteeship responsables and event responsables to promote the visibility and accessibility of the student union. The Chairpersons oversees all activities of the Board and ensures that the activities of the student union are in the best interests of the students. Together, board members work to build a safer and more accessible student community. Board work provides excellent skills for working life, e.g. for interaction skills and project work skills.

Read more about the positions and what individual board members can do in JAMKO

The Representative Council will elect the 2022 Board at its inaugural meeting on 22 November. at 5 pm Auditorium in Valjaka and Zoom. If you are interested in Board activities, you can contact us in advance and send a small introduction about yourself to the Representative Council at edustajisto22@jamko.fi or come to the meeting and run for the Board.

Questions? Contact Janita Hietala, Vice Chairperson of the Board, +358 44 3211 550, vpj(a)jamko.fi

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