JAMKO’s actives for 2022 chosen – supplementing possible

New Chairpersons from the left Ilmari Leskelä, Peetu Luiro, Niklas Sillander ja Jouni Pasanen

Student Union JAMKO’s new board and the Chairpersons of The Representatives for the year 2022 was elected on Monday night Nov 23rd at the organizing meeting of the Representatives. Additional members are needed to the Representative Council and the Board and supplementing the amount will be decided later.

The representatives voted Peetu Luiro, a first International Business student, as their chairperson. Luiro has extensive experience in various positions of trust and organizational activities, but for the first time he is involved in JAMKO’s work. Ilmari Leskelä, also a first-year IB student, was elected Vice Chairman of the Representative Council.
The representatives chose Information and Communication student Niklas Sillander as the Chairperson of the Board. Currently he is the Chairperson of the Representatives council. The Chairperson of the Board is responsible for JAMKO’s administration and trusteeship work. Jouni Pasanen is taking charge of JAMKO’s services as the Vice Chair of the Board. Pasanen participates for the first time in JAMKO activities.

Members of the board are
Essi Kervinen, Business Administration
Nilla Selänniemi, Logistics
Noora Hakonen, Social services
Lauri Kujala, Nursing (Finnish)
Albert Lemetyinen, Information and Communication Technology
Ville Törnblom, Information and Communication Technology

The Board has 9 responsibility areas. The Board members will define its responsibilities at its inaugural meeting on 7th of December and a possible supplementary search for additional members will be decided in the same context. The term of the board will begin in January 2022.

The composition of the Representative Council elected by the decision of the Central Election Committee changed after Lemetyinen, Sillander and Pasanen joined the Board. The total number of the Council members is 14 for the period 2022. The Representative Council decided to supplement its amount with seven members, as the complete Council is 21 members strong. The time of the additional search will be announced separately.

More information:
Executive Director Miina Pirnes, +358 44 3211 600, toiminnanjohtaja (a) jamko.fi


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