JAMKO apologises the delay in overall orders

The autumn overalls order has been delayed due to production reasons and the estimated time of arrival of the overalls is 7th of December.

As the main organizer of the order, JAMKO takes full responsibility for the delay in the overalls and we want to emphasize that the student field assosiations are not responsible for the delay. By no means does JAMKO accept any kind of pressure or harassment on the personal social media accounts of representatives of student field assosiations or other actives in this field, as everyone deserves a safe environment both in social media and elsewhere. Please contact JAMKO’s vice chairperson vpj@jamko.fi if you have questions or comments.

We will notify you of any changes as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay in the overalls and inconveniences caused by it.

More info: Janita Hietala, vice chairperson, vpj@jamko.fi

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