Become a member of JAMKO’s board!

You can now apply to become a member of JAMKO’s board!

JAMKO is an organization of over 3000 members, and its operations are managed by a Board that changes each year, as well as four advisors, who are members of the staff. Each autumn, every student has an opportunity to apply to become a member of the Board. 

In the Board, you get to manage the daily activities of JAMKO in relation to management, tutoring, trusteeship and services! If you are interested in developing JAMKO’s services, producing events, students’ well-being, or if you have a passion for improving the quality of education, a year in JAMKO might just be what you need! 

If you want to know more about the work of the Board, read the descriptions for each position below. 

The Representative’s Council chooses a new Board in the organizing meeting on November 22nd at 5 pm at Auditorium Valjakka and Zoom. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board but cannot make it to the meeting, contact the Representative’s Council ahead of time and introduce yourself briefly via email:

Chairperson of the Board

The chairperson of the Board manages and organizes the activities of the entire Board, supports the staff and is the head of the trusteeship process team. The trusteeship process team consists of the Board’s social policy responsible, education policy responsible, tutor responsibles, as well as the trusteeship and guidance advisors. The chairperson facilitates, supervises and coordinates the trusteeship process team. The chairperson is the supervisor of the executive director and works in close coordination with them and the vice chairperson. The chairperson’s daily tasks include different administrative task, different meetings, and the planning of JAMKO’s constant activities. Depending on his or her own interests, the chairperson can also participate in JAMK’s working groups such as the leading group, board of study issues or the Edufutura working group. The chairperson also works closely with JYY, SAMOK and other student associations.

More information: or +358 44 3211500

Vice chairperson of the board

The vice chairperson of the Board is the head of the services process team. The service team usually consists of the event responsibles, cooperation responsible, and the communication advisor. The vice chairperson plans the work of the service team and supports, guides and helps the members of the team. The vice chairperson is responsible for developing the services of JAMKO, but they are also responsible for organizing the Overall Oath Party and Tursajaiset in cooperation with the working groups. When the chairperson of the Board is not available, the vice chairperson is his or her substitute. Indeed, the vice chairperson is the right hand of the chairperson and works closely with the chairperson and the executive director. The chairperson also cooperates with the study field associations, develops the Freshman Pass, manages the overalls -process and the group activities of the Board.

More information: or +358 50 5990690

Education policy responsible

The education policy responsible works as a member of the trusteeship process team and is responsible for the issues relating to the quality of education. He or she also follows the development of education. The education policy responsible is a member of the working group of quality management, pedagogical working groups, OPS-working groups, and other groups dealing with the quality of education. The education policy responsible also deals with trusteeship cases involving studies and education, such as grades, course feedback, etc. The education policy responsible is active in following the latest news in the field of higher education and communicates about them to the rest of the Board. The education policy responsible works closely with the social policy responsible and together, they organize, for example, the Grumble Weeks and the Jolkkari -events.

More information: or +358 44 3211 500

Social policy responsible

The social policy responsible is a member of the trusteeship process team and is responsible for issues relating to students’ well-being, such as stress management, equality and accessibility. The social policy responsible participates in the working group for students’ well-being (HyPe), represents students in the ethical committee.  The person also follows the FSHS expansion and Kela actively and relays relevant information to the students. The social policy responsible works closely with the education policy responsible and together, they organize, for example, the Grumble Weeks and the Jolkkari -events.

More information: or +358 45 3194905

Tutoring responsible

The tutor responsible works in the trusteeship process team and is responsible for JAMKO’s peer tutors. The year of a tutoring responsible starts with finishing the tutor recruitment process, interviewing the applicants and choosing the new tutors. Right after this, we start the tutor trainings, which are designed and executed by the tutoring responsible in collaboration with the guidance and well-being advisor at JAMKO. During the year, the tutoring responsible supervises the tutors via the tutor passes, passes information to them, and meets with them in tutor meets either face-to-face or remotely. The tutoring responsible also has the main responsibility for JAMKO’s biggest event, Tursajaiset. 

More information: or +358 45 3194906

International tutoring responsible

The international tutoring responsible is a part of the trusteeship process team, and his or her responsibilities include organizing the work of exchange- and degree tutors, recruiting new tutors and training and guiding them. An important part of the job is working as a contact person for exchange- and degree tutors and keeping them informed at the tutor meets or via online channels. He or she also supervises the tutors via the tutor passes. in addition, the international tutoring responsible helps make sure that starting their studies is as easy as possible for new foreign students. The responsible works closely with JAMK’s international office and JAMKO’s guidance and well-being advisor. As a new responsibility, the job includes organizing the Finnish Experience Week with tutors, and if he or she wishes, the responsible can also participate in organizing the Tursajaiset.

More information: or +358 45 3194903

Mentoring responsible

The mentoring responsible is a part of JAMKO’s tutor sector and helps develop the guidance at JAMKO and JAMK. Mentoring is “senior tutoring”, which one can do after his or her first year as a tutor. Through mentoring, one becomes more knowledgeable about advancing in studies and the services available to facilitate this. The mentoring responsible recruits, trains, and stays in contact with the mentors during their term.The responsible is also a part of the trusteeship process team and the influence process team. The responsible participates in recruiting tutors, as well as training them and keeping in contact with the tutors to support them. The responsible also participates in organizing the Tursajaiset along with the rest of the JAMKO board. 

More information: or +358 44 7339223

Event responsibles

The event responsibles are a part of the services process team at JAMKO and organize all kinds of events for students. Their responsibilities include organizing events from coming up with the ideas to planning, marketing, and communicating with partners. The events range from relaxed parties to sports events and everything in between. In addition, JAMKO’s gym is the responsibility of the event responsibles, and they deal with communications tasks related to the gym. The events team and the well-being team work alongside the event responsibles, the members of which change each year.

More information:

Cooperation responsible

The versatile tasks of the cooperation responsible include finding new partners for JAMKO, negotiating benefits, and maintaining existing partnerships. In addition, the cooperation responsible is involved in organizing the Tursajaiset, marketing JAMKO’s trips and communicating about membership benefits. The cooperation responsible is also free to come up with new ideas for cooperation. The cooperation responsible is supported in their work by the executive director and the rest of the board. He or she works as a crucial part of the membership acquiring process and is a part of the services process team.

More information: or +358 44 7603929

Communication responsible

The communication responsible is involved in executing trusteeship work, services, and membership communications. This job allows you to develop as a versatile communicator, strengthen your communication skills and learn marketing skills. You will gain experience from coordinating communication in an organization and you get to be the head of the media team, which helps you with the communication tasks. You work in close cooperation with the communication and trusteeship advisor, helping make JAMKO more visible. In addition to working in the board, you have an opportunity to participate in working groups that interest you. No prior experience from communication work is required, but knowledge of social media will help you in this job.

More information:, +358 45 3194907

Chairperson and vice chairperson of the representatives council

The chairperson and the vice chairperson of the representatives council leads the work of the Representatives Council, which is the highest decision-making body in JAMKO. They participate in guiding the board in their work and participate in the board’s meetings. 

The chairperson organizes the representative council meetings and evening schools and coordinates the student applications for JAMK’s working groups. The vice chairperson supports the chairperson and is a substitute for him or her when necessary. They also manage the remote access to the meetings. 

The chairperson and vice chairperson supervises, develops and organizes the work of the representatives council and represents JAMKO in JAMK and its leadership’s meetings. They also make decisions about strategy and support the board in its work.

More information: / +358 400 474576