Busyest and most rewarding year

Hey hey! Tero here again. With only one month left in JAMKO, most of my work is almost done! This past year has been wonderful, but busy. Rewarding, yet stressful. I’ve trained 53 fantastic international- and degree tutors, who have done an amazing job this year. I couldn’t be more proud of them!

The early autumn was crazy as always for us tutors. Our new team handled the job fantastically though! Now they’re seasoned veterans for the spring. In the spring we get a tad less international students. Even so, there’s no shortage of work!

Hopefully our international students have been satisfied here at JAMK. All the stress I’ve felt and more is worth it when I see their happy faces. Hopefully our current tutors have felt the same way!

I’ve also been meeting with JAMK personnel to try to improve international students’ conditions here in JAMK. To even better levels than how great they’ve been so far.

I would love to continue in this work but, sadly, my own studies await! My follower Jasmiina will do a fantastic job, I know. So the international students will be in great hands! Thusly, this old dog can retire in peace haha!

One year ago, when I started, I was worried and scared. Everything turned out okay in the end though. I recommend jumping into the exciting opportunities you come accross in life! They might lead you to similar outcomes too. Thank you everyone for this fantastic year!

Tero Björkman,
JAMKO member of the board
International- and Degree tutoring


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