Hello there, new exchange/degree student!

It’s Tero, JAMK’s student union’s International- and Degree tutor representative here! Coming to a new country can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Essential things can be easy to forget when you’re worried. This is why I’ve compiled a list of some essential things to remember before and after you arrive!

#1: Your tutor
Your tutor is here to help you get accustomed to Jyväskylä and Finland. For exchange students, your tutor will contact you in December. Degree tutors will be here for degree students during the JAMK orientation weeks. You can ask your tutor for help about everything from studies to the best places to hang out or see sights! You can ask more questions about tutors from me from the email kvtutor@jamko.fi

#2: Apartment
Finland’s January can be cold so it’s good to have a roof over your head! KOAS is a good place to get accommodations. KOAS is Central-Finland’s Student Housing foundation. You can apply for  a KOAS apartment here: https://www.koas.fi/en/applicants/apply/

#3: Warm clothes
Speaking of cold, you might also want to have some clothes for it! You can also get fantastic winter clothes from Finland, but some things are a good idea to bring anyways. My personal recommendations are: A warm hat (beanie etc.), scarf, warm gloves, long johns for wearing under your jeans, and a warm jacket! These should get you started here. If you need warmer stuff you can check out the markets here! Ask your tutor 😉

#4: Open mind
Probably the most useful thing for me when I’ve been abroad has been an open mind. Things don’t always go exactly as planned. You might miss a bus or not know where to go. No need to worry, though! Finnish people generally know English very well, so you can ask for help. There are many free wifi networks in Finland, which you can use to contact your tutor to ask for help. Culture and weather can also be drastically different than in your country. Winter can be cold but also beautiful beyond compare! Make sure to see some sights here too, like the Northern Lights.

That’s my short list of things! Additional info can be found here:
I hope these help your arrival to Finland. If you need to ask more,
you can contact me from kvtutor@jamko.fi

I wish you a safe trip and a warm welcome to Jyväskylä and JAMK!!

Tero Björkman,
JAMKO member of the board
International- and Degree tutoring

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