What to write about?

As I sit here in my thoughts, thinking about what to write about, I do a list that goes like..

I could write about my day? Nope, nothing interesting. All that I’v done so far is watched 70’s show from netflix and played grand theft auto.

Maybe do a cosmo sort of thing, write about relationships, pros and cons? But I bet I’d go too deep and personal into things.

Write about my thesis? I’m not even doing that yet..

What about politics and stuff? Well… I know lot’s about stuff, but politics?

About my work as a nurse? not so interesting right now

Me, myself, and I? Oh yeah, I’m always interesting.. but no.

JAMKO representative elections are just about over, probably over when I Finnish this blog, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be neutral on the subject.

Hobbies? Snowboarding? The love of snow? Christmas is almost here? Where is the snow? Global warming?!

no, no, NO, NO.

Oh gawd I’m lost.

Why is it so hard to sometimes just write? Come up with a great story that’ll just catch the eye of the reader saying “I can totally relate to this!”

then it hit me, all of the above is a story, a story about how hard it is to write and come up with something meaningful.. or just something great for the laughs. This can also be related to school as I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Writing an essay, doing assignments or your thesis isn’t always that simple, that every word just flows from your head.

There might too much to do, maybe you just have a writers block, personal problems weighing you down. But trust me, take a walk, go hang out, do something else for awhile and sooner or later the words will flow again. Everything will work out one way or another.

Maybe I’ll write something more meaningful on the weekend, or maybe not. I’d do a vlog if my computer was a live.

Oh and I did not just play GTA and watch netflix, I finished this blog! Wohoo!

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