One thing at a time

Hi y’all!

My name is Jasmiina. I’m 20 years old, a second-year International Business student and a music and Netflix enthusiast (sounds so fancy when it’s written that way). In addition, I’m the new exchange and degree tutoring responsible of JAMKO.

I’ve been born and raised in quite a small town called Pihtipudas. Usually people haven’t heard of it or don’t know where it is – or if they have heard of it, it is because of Pete Parkkonen, but I guess that’s something. Because I have my roots in Pihtipudas my lovely friends in Jyväskylä like to call me with names like hillbilly and yokel…partly because I have a funny dialect and I went to high school where we had five classrooms and it took me a while to find my way around Jyväskylä. And our campus.

When coming from a town like Pihtipudas, I feel like Jyväääskylä is a city big enough for me, at least for now. But I guess I’ll never become a city person in its real sense. A hillbilly as an exchange and degree tutoring responsible – believe it or not, it is possible! Let me tell you, five weeks in Texas back in 2015 did a lot. I even have my phone in English and my brother likes to call me Mr. Worldwide because of that. I can see the sarcasm right there.

I have an extremely busy year in front of me. For example, since I’m studying International Business I need to start writing my thesis NOW, and I should be able to finish it this spring, or no later than this fall. Also, I should apply for an exchange now (more about that in my next post!). All in all, JAMKO stuff and my studies will keep me busier than ever.

However, I’m thinking about this year as a great new challenge for me. I was and still am an exchange tutor myself, and I wanted to challenge myself a bit more – that’s why I’m a board member now. Also, studying in English has always been a dream of mine and my thesis topic is very exciting to me, so it keeps me motivated.

Even though sometimes I feel like all the work is piling up and I’m stressing myself out, I keep reminding myself why I’m doing all of this. I look up to my mum and every time I’m complaining about the huge workload she tells me that you can do only one thing at a time (now, not a word about multitasking!). When you have a ton of work to do, you just need to start from one of the things and when you’ve finished it, continue to another one. Y’all should keep that in mind, it’s a really good piece of advice. Instead of stressing a lot, just do what you have to do. Easier said than done, though. But that’s what I’m going to do now, my thesis research plan awaits…amongst all the other things.

Busy as always,
Jasmiina Kumpulainen/exchange and degree tutoring responsible

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