Advocacy work never ends, even though the year is coming to it’s end

The year is coming to an end and it is good to reflect on what the year has included. As a student trustheeship actor, we have done advocacy work at different levels, from the national to the local level. We have met six of the MPs elected from Central Finland. 419 students gave feedback on the quality of education and teaching in the Grumble week survey. In addition to that, we have also received feedback outside of the Grumble Weeks, e.g. through direct contact. On the basis of the Grumble week surveys, the advocacy work has been continued in a targeted manner. You can read about Jamk’s actions regarding Grumble weeks’s feedback here.

Meeting topics with the MP’s from Central Finland were among other things, practical trainings for international students, cuts affecting students, funding of student unions, housing and employment of university of applied sciences students after graduation. The discussions have been interesting and it has been a pleasure to tell the decision-makers about the concerns and challenges of university of applied sciences students. These same themes have also been brought to the decision-makers of the city of Jyväskylä.

We have also taken a prominent stance on cuts for university students. In the spring, we took a stand against the Ministry of Finance’s proposed tuition fees, and encouraged students to take matters in their own hands in the parliamentary elections. Later that year the government cuts appalled the student union and sparked several statements Statement: graduate or pay! and statement: in the expense of students  and a silent protest against the cuts.

Advocacy work never ends, but during the year the foundation has been strengthened on which the following actors can continue.

With Christmas greetings and hopes for safe rest of the year,

Chairperson of the board 2023

Lauri Kujala




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