Jamk students’ demonstrate against cuts

The Student Union JAMKO organises a silent demonstration on the Main Campus on Tuesday 26.9. at 12.00 – 14.00

The demonstration will take a stand on the results of the government budget session and on the weakening of students’ livelihoods. The demonstration is organised together with the National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK and other student unions of Finnish UAS’, each student union in its own region. JAMKO demonstrates at the main doors of the Main Campus on Rajakatu.

The Student Union JAMKO is concerned about the impact of the cuts on students’ livelihoods, which may mean that students have to compromise on things that maintain their ability to study, such as healthy food, regular medicines or restorative hobbies. In addition, Universities of Applied Sciences are subject to measures that may mean a reduction in the resources of teaching staff as the number of students increases.

Most likely, these mean that the quality of guidance and teaching will decrease, students’ graduation will be delayed, as they will be forced to work alongside their studies. With this demonstration, we want to emphasise that it is irresponsible for the government to keep pushing the students who are building Finland’s future.

We invite all students to demonstrate together with JAMKO. Come along all the time or stop by. For the demonstration, you can also craft props that explain how the cuts will affect students’ daily lives. In social media, you should tag @studentunionjamko and @SAMOK_FIN. The event is peaceful and the student union has duly reported the event to the police.

More info

Lauri Kujala, Chairman of JAMKO’s Board of Directors

+358 44 3211 500, puheenjohtaja(s)jamko.fi

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