Students’ work is not done! JAMKO meets with the members of the parliament

The parliamentary elections are over and the government negotiations are happening at the moment. From the electoral district of Central Finland, seats in the parliament were allocated to the following: Jani Kokko (social democratic party), Riitta Mäkinen (social democratic party), Piritta Rantanen (social democratic party), Kaisa Garedew (the Finns party), Tomi Immonen (the Finns party), Petri Honkonen (central party), Anne Kalmari (central party), Ville Väyrynen (National coalition party), Sinuhe Wallinheimo (National coalition party) and Bella Forsgrén (Green party).

JAMKO’s advocacy work nationwide is not over yet. We can still try to influence the government program so that the students’ voice is taken into account in it. JAMKO aims to meet the members of Parliament (MP) elected from the Central Finland electoral district during the spring. The meetings cover the same themes that were discussed in the call round between 27.2.-12.3. The themes of the call round were the student’s livelihood, the cost of studies, YTHS funding and nature loss. Among the topics related to students’ livelihood, the 100 euro increase in the study allowance is probably one of the most visible goals of the government program, which the student movement is trying to influence.

A couple of the elected MPs have old or current ties to the University of Applied Sciences of Jyväskylä Jamk or Student Union JAMKO. The Green party’s MP Bella Forsgrén (left in the picture) is a board member of Jamk Oy (the limited company that owns Jamk) and Kaisa Garedew has been a deputy member of JAMKO’s representative council in 2021.

JAMKO follows the board negotiations and we inform the students if decisions, that put the students in a weaker position than the students are currently, are being made in the board negotiations or in government programm.

In the picture from the left: Bella Forsgrén, Chairperson Lauri Kujala, social policy responsible Noora Hakonen.

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