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JAMKO is looking for student representatives to Jamk working groups to bring the student voice to Jamk’s decision-making. JAMKO’s statutory role is to elect student representatives to the university’s working groups and institutions. In addition, representatives are elected to E,duFutura and KOAS. 

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to apply in advance for a position that interests you. At the meeting itself, you can also put yourself forward for the post in question. 

Student representatives are sought in the following groups, with the number of people to be selected at the end of the group.

  • Jamk Ldt Board student representative 1
  • Jamk’s management team student representative 1
  • Board of Examiners 1
  • Joint Cafeteria group Dynamo / Rajakatu 6
  • RDI management team 1
  • Education development group 1
  • Quality assurance working group 1
  • Ethical committee 1
  • Indoor air monitoring working group 1
  • Sustainable development working group 1
  • University sports working group 1
  • Board of study issues 2
  • Strategic international development group 1
  • Languages ​​and communication OPS 2024 working group 1
  • Digitalization steering group 1
  • ONT-Forum and thesis evaluation renewal working group 1
  • EduFutura leading group 1
  • EduFutura steering group – flexible, high-quality and individual study paths 1
  • EduFutura steering group – Competitiveness and vitality with future know-how and working life services 1

The Council of Representatives elects the student representatives in accordance with the election regulations at its meeting on Tuesday 12 December 2023 at 5 p.m. in Auditorio Valjakassa. 

The candidates will also briefly introduce themselves at the meeting.

Apply to become a student representative here

Find out more about the activities of the working groups and the seats available. Not all the positions presented may be available this year. For more information about the positions, how to apply and how to attend a meeting, please contact

Remote attendance is possible. Information on remote participation can be found at the end of the Council’s pages

For further information, please visit

Nilla Selänniemi, Chairperson of the Council of Representatives, epj(a)

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