JAMKO actives selected for 2024

In the photo: bottom row from left Otso Miettunen, Essi Pirttivaara, Michiel Van Eynde, Joel Kotonen. Top row from left Maria Matilainen, Jere Koskimäki, Annu Suvilehto, Andrea Guermas and Milla Mänttäri. Miia Turunen-Willman and Sidra Shaikh are missing.

The JAMKO Board and the Chairpersons of the Representatives’ Council for 2024 were elected on Monday evening NOv 28th at the Organizing meeting of Student Union JAMKO. A record 17 people applied for the JAMKO Board and there were more international applicants than ever before.

Sini Kunnila, a third-year rehabilitation counseling student, was elected Chair of the Representative Council. Eetu Ruotsalainen, a second year Automation and Robotics student, was elected as Vice Chair of the Council. He has served on the Board this year as the events responsible.

Annu Suvilehto, this year’s tutor responsible on the Board, was elected Chair of the Board. Suvilehto is a third year ICT student. The Chair is responsible for the advocacy and administration of JAMKO. Andrea Guermas, a fourth-year Tourism Management student, was elected Vice Chairperson of the Student Union to lead the events and services processes. Guermas has served on the Board as international tutoring responsible.

The following were elected as members of the Board

Jere Koskimäki, ICT (Fin)
Joel Kotonen, Business Administration (Fin)
Michiel Van Eynde, Information and Communication Technology (Eng)
Otso Miettunen, Business Administration (Fin)
Miia Turunen-Willman, Rehabilitation Instructor (Fin)
Essi Pirttivaara, Business Information Technology (Eng)
Sidra Shaikh, Tourism Management (Eng)
Maria Matilainen, Information and Communication Technology (Fin)
Milla Mänttäri, Information and Communication Technology (Fin)

Next year’s board will be more international, which will also better represent Jamk students and broaden the perspectives of Trusteeship. Responsibilities will be defined by the Board at its organizational meeting on 11 December.

The actual composition of the Representatives’ Council, elected in the elections on 9 November, changed with the formation of the Board and the election of the Chairpersons.

Annu Suvilehto, replaced by Eetu Rautanen
Essi Pirttivaara, replaced by Yaneth Gunawardena
Otso Miettunen, treplaced by Erika Laitinen
Michiel van Eynde, replaced by Jeremy LeBlanc
Sidra Shaikh, replaced by Peetu Luiro

Joel Kotonen was elected to the Board and is no longer a vice member of the Council.

The student representatives to the JAMK working groups, Jamk Ltd and KOAS Board will be elected on 12 December at the second organizing meeting. All Jamk students can apply for the seats. The term of office starts in January 2024. For more information, message epj@jamko.fi.

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