The new Tutor and Sports Secretary introducing herself

Hi! My name is Karoliina Niinistö. I’m the new Tutor and Sports Secretary of JAMKO. I’m 23-years-old and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies from JAMK last summer. I could say that the student life is still in fresh memory, since only a year ago I was finishing my thesis at campus. After my graduation I’ve been working in child welfare and daycare.

So what kind of things does a Tutor and Sports Secretary do? Tutor and Sports Secretary’s job is to plan and coordinate the tutoring together with the JAMKO’s board’s member who’s in charge of tutoring. I also plan the sports activities of JAMK together with the Academic Sports of Jyväskylä and the JAMKO’s board member who’s in charge of sports.

Basically my working days contain different kind of meetings with various partners in cooperation (for example JAMK) and taking care of the study modules of tutoring and sports. The goal of JAMKO’s staff members is to enable the practical work of the board members, but also to bring stability to the JAMKO’s operation, since the board changes every year.

Working at JAMKO kind of feels like coming home. While I was studying I came familiar with JAMKO since I was a tutor, a member of the representatives, a vice chairperson of the central election committee and the chairperson of my own study field association JASTO. As you can see I was quite active, but as a member of the staff JAMKO is new to me, of course. The atmosphere is still the same: I’ve had a warm welcome from everyone from the students to my new co-workers.

The time I started working in JAMKO was excellent, since now I have time to acquaint myself with the job before the hubbub of autumn. Here in JAMKO’s office we are well on the way of planning the autumn and oh boy what kind of autumn we are going to have! For the tutors is the busiest time of the year, since the new students start in August. We get a sneak peek to the new students in entrance exams in June. In autumn events we have parties, but also different kind of sport and well being events. So stay tuned!

The summer is starting to be very near. For many students the summer is not time for vacation, but working and summer studies. Still the sun and the light can have a strange effect to a person – I myself can say I definitely have more energy! After a long year of studying the idea of the summer without a vacation can feel quite depressing. Luckily the days of the Finnish summer are long and you can enjoy the summer feeling also between the working days and studying.

Enjoy the beautiful summer days and eat a LOT of ice cream – see you in autumn!

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