If there’s something weird and it don’t look good. Who ya gonna call?

Almost every student has surely stumbled upon JAMKO’s services in some stage of their student life. The most visible part of JAMKO’s operations to students is the student cards and the discounts, and vast recreational services that are available for all the students at JAMK UAS. However, these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to JAMKO’s purpose in the UAS community.

JAMKO exists first and foremost because of trusteeship. Student unions have a statutory right and obligation granted by the universities of applied sciences act to look after students interests in every UAS. JAMKO and JAMKO’s trusteeship aims to improve the education, students issues and student wellbeing for every student in JAMK UAS and indirectly every single student in Finland.

Well, all this might sound grand but a bit vague at the same time. What does this all mean in practice?

The most familiar element of trusteeship is tutoring, of which every one of you have an experience. JAMKO recruits and trains JAMK’s tutors, who show the ropes of the student life, new school and city. The tutors are there to help in sticky situations related to early clumsiness with new people, places and study practices and tools. Beside the tutors also JAMKO’s folk will give you advice regarding student financial aid, study practices, housing etc.

JAMKO’s trusteeship persons got your back when it comes to unfair treatment in class, late grades from courses or discrimination based on some physical or cultural trait. In these kind of situations, JAMKO will evaluate if the actions are consistent with JAMK’s ethical principles, the degree regulations and university of applied sciences law and contact the other party instead of the student to sort the matter. This kind of work can be described as a work of a mediator between two parties, so that a just result could be reached. The focus is to support the student. If you are down right bullied, harassed or abused within the UAS community by a teacher, other members of the staff or fellow students, you can contact the specially trained harassment contact person. These kind of incidents are always handled with discretion and every action is made with the permission of the student.

JAMKO also elects student representatives to JAMK’s different working groups and administrative organs such as student financial aid committee, board of study issues, and ethical committee where the students issues are handled. This way the decisions and processes will be made keeping the students in mind. The trusteeship’s aim is not to maliciously dissect and scrutinise every move and decision the JAMK UAS makes but to ensure that the students voice is heard, for example when planning the curriculums, guidance and student services. This goes for international students as well as the Finnish and the most important tool of JAMKO’s trusteeship is the feedback from the students.

Trusteeship is also implemented in everyday work by co-operating with student’s interest groups, following and reporting the current issues in JAMK, municipal or public administration regarding students. You’ll find the latest news by following JAMKO’s communication channels, such as Weekly Overview, website, and social media. We also have the trusteeship letter Ajankohtainen JAMKOnen where we write more about the local and national trusteeship we do.

Think of JAMKO and it’s trusteeship as the Ghostbusters of student life: If the course of student life gets rough, you’ll know who to contact.

You are also welcome for the song now playing in your head. 🙂

Anna Tarvainen-Illi
Communications and Trusteeship secretary

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