Healthy work environment is everybody’s business

When the end of my summer holiday crept upon me, I thought that I would be more annoyed with the early mornings, lost freetime and the weight of the responsibility of the working life brings. The truth. I wasn’t. (ok, I give you the early wake-ups part). The biggest factor why I came back from my holiday happily was that I am motivated in my work, I feel safe in my working environment and learn every day from my colleagues and the members of the Board and have the firm belief that JAMKO makes a difference in the students’ lives. The cherry on the top is that we have great amounts of fun. All this translates to a healthy and positive working environment, in which everyone has the possibility to contribute.

Different people mean different ways of working, opinions and points of view. Acknowledging and appreciating diversity at the workplace or during your studies play a big part when it comes to a safe and equal community. Respect for one another creates also a trusting atmosphere in which different ideas have the room to grow and offer a fertile ground for learning from one another. In an institution the size of a UAS or later in the working life you are bound to collaborate with people who you might not relate to, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the right to be heard. Remembering this, you’ll make the ride easier for yourself and the others.

It is really important that the members of the community feel that they have the chance to influence on the matters that concern themselves or the matter they are working for. The art of giving feedback and the ability receive it promotes the transparency and openness in the community. If you encounter problems as a student or feel that the interests of the students have been trampled upon, the best way is to bring it up with the person or in question, or for example via JAMKO.

Also setting shared goals motivate the individuals to work not only for themselves but also for the greater good. JAMKO’s main goal is to work for student’s well-being and the quality of education, but every one of JAMKO actives has a different approach on the subject depending on the job description or trusteeship position. Also JAMK UAS has set shared goals and rules to create a good working environment in the form of ethical principles for students and staff. These principles contribute to the safe and just work and study environment in the upcoming academic year, but only when everyone joins the bee.

I’m in, what about you?


Communications and Trusteeship Secretary

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