Enjoy your time as a student

I graduated from JAMK a year ago. The graduation was a happy occasion, of course. After all, that is what you‘re waiting for (and aiming for) the whole time you are studying. Still, you might stumble on a certain feeling of emptiness after graduating – who am I, if not a student?

I was a very active student during my studies and had a very strong “student”-identity. That’s probably the reason why the real shocker and identity changer wasn’t the graduation – no, it was the day my student card expired and I was no longer a student, not in any form. (As a side note; I still carry my student card in my wallet. Yes, I’m not good at goodbyes)

Being a student is relatively a short period and also once in a lifetime –experience. Although it was rough to realize I was no longer entitled to the privileges offered by the student status, it’s the way it is and should be. Time as a student is mostly filled with amazing experiences and wonderful opportunities, but there is also one thing that is why most people also dream of graduating and getting to working life; money. The financial situation as a student is usually very tight, and that is also the reason students have discounts.

That is why I think you should take out everything you can about being a student. I also think that a lot of it is offered by the student card and JAMKO membership. Someone might think that student card is all about the student parties and discounts. Well, it’s also about that. But it’s also about getting the opportunity to participate in every way: not only to events of various kind (not only parties), but also for example to vote and stand as a candidate in representative election. By joining the student community you can enjoy about the privileges, but also make a difference.

So in conclusion: enjoy your time as a student! Everyone has their own way of doing it, but it helps to decide your own way if you are a member of JAMKO 😉

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